Oaxaca de Magón, City of resistAnce
Saturday, January 10, 2009

We want to denounce the intimidating actions that are endangering the life of our comrade who is part of the Oaxacan popular movement.

Tonight, Saturday, January 10 at approximately 10:57, as our comrade RUBEN VALENCIA NUÑEZ and the person with him walked along Porfirio Díaz Street towards the politico-cultural space “CASOTA” located at Crespo 408, in downtown Oaxaca. Several individuals (approximately 3) driving
by in an electric blue car, possibly a Peugeot, began to insult them. One of them said to RUBEN, “Pinche APPO,” among other things. One of them tried to get out of the car but was persuaded not to by the others, and the car moved on about a block away from the spot.

In view of the situation, the comrades kept walking and took shelter in a café on the same street. Not more than 5 minutes after they got there, while RUBEN VALENCIA NUÑEZ was washing his hands in the restroom, the man who had yelled at him in the street walked into the business full of people. He went into the area just outside the restroom right next to our comrade, and without a word, took out a knife. Amidst pushing and shoving, he struck our comrade in the neck, nape of the neck, and head, causing more than 3 wounds. At that time, our comrade only felt the blows and pushed his way out of the space by the restroom along with the aggressor. In the midst of the confusion, a passing waiter was wounded in the throat by the same arm.

The aggressor, around 28 years old, with a robust build and short hair (resembling a ministerial or judicial policemen), brazenly stayed at the café a few seconds longer and then left, leaving the arm behind. Meanwhile, our comrade realized he had been cut, due to the blood that was staining his clothes.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment and is now out of danger. The wounds are as follows: one is 3.5 cm long and approximately 1 cm deep in the nape of the neck, another is 3 cm long and approximately 1 cm deep in the nape of the neck, and there is also a blow to the head, a cut extending from the left eye to the ear, and other smaller cuts made by the same arm. All the wounds were sutured with 6 stitches. It’s important to mention that one of the wounds was only one centimeter away from the jugular vein, which would have been fatal. The waiter has a wound in the throat made by the same arm, but we do not know how serious it is.

We firmly DENOUNCE these acts as part of a strategy of repression and violence orchestrated by the Oaxaca state government, either through para-police groups or civilians at the service of the State. We are denouncing, for all the world to hear, the possibility of the beginning
of selective repression like that which occurred in the dirty war that the social movements of this country endured more than thirty years ago.

This attack against RUBEN should be seen as the latest in a series of attacks, intimidation, and arrests that different comrades in the social movement have suffered in recent months. Since they haven’t been successful and the illegal authoritarian actions of the state have been exposed, this could be the beginning of a new, even more dangerous kind of government repression and violence at the hands of para-police and para-military groups, as well as hired assassins at the service of the bad government of ULISES RUIZ ORTIZ in the style of the dirty war.

-our decision to keep going in the construction of a different Oaxaca, where there’s no repression against anyone who seeks justice for the people and punishment for their killers. A Oaxaca where it’s possible to live without fear of repression.
-that these events show us the urgent need for change and the need to keep on moving forward so that killers will not govern in the future.

-An end to the criminal strategies of repression and intimidation against the different struggles of the peoples of Oaxaca by the Mexican State and the state government.
-Respect for the lives and tranquility of each and every comrade in Oaxaca who continues to construct alternatives for a dignified life with justice and freedom.
-Punishment of those responsible for the attack against our comrade RUBEN VALENCIA NUÑEZ.
We respectfully ask that the peoples of Mexico and the world stay alert for this situation that could announce the beginning of a strategy of dirty war or low-intensity warfare against the legitimate movement of the peoples of Oaxaca.
VOCAL (Voces Oaxaqueñas Construyendo Autonomía y Libertad)
CASOTA (Casa Autónoma Solidaria Oaxaqueña de Trabajo Autogestivo)
Universidad de la Tierra-Oaxaca
Diplomado de Investigadores Descalzos


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