Call for First Anarchist Congress in Mexico

Anarchist comrades: In the twenty-first century, the barbarism of world capitalism is manifested in the increased exploitation, misery and death of millions of human beings. Exploitation, theft, violence, domination and discrimination remain the engine that drives capitalist civilization in this era of new knowledge and technologies. Meanwhile, the thirst for profit of the business generated by the increasing destruction of the planet’s natural resources. —- Dominant states of the world turn to war in order to exercise its hegemony over the countries and societies that seek to subordinate and plunder. Meanwhile, states and governments of different political use repression and seek the destruction of social movements to wipe out the flames libertarian rebellion, attempting to quell the strikes and popular uprisings with dignity and a new world fighting barbaric exploitation and domination.


It is then that exploitation, domination, dispossession, discrimination and a stark devastation of natural resources not only legitimate, but they do need, now more than ever, every struggle against capitalism and the state.


In Mexico, the exploitation and misery left a trail of 55 million poor, starvation wages, destruction of labor rights, unemployment and emigration. Hunger, exploitation and death for the Mexican people. In contrast, for the lords of wealth power and money, high profits and a growing concentration of wealth. Nevertheless, and against what they want their rulers, the Mexican people are not left to overcome, resist, and build alternative rebels against the miserable reality of hunger, deprivation and violence when they want to convict the thieves and corporate and government operators .


A tenacious defiance of the Mexican people, the State responds to the persecution, detention, disappearance and murder of worthy men and women who fight against every injustice and desire a radical transformation of the established system. The commitment of political and economic elites is that of state terrorism by the country’s militarization and criminalization of individuals and anti-systemic social movements. In fact, the state imposes the fear, uncertainty and repression in many social areas in order to immobilize the society. The village, away from a standstill, resist and rebel against that oppression and the terror against the dispossession of their lands; protest against the building of dams, ecosystems defends against greedy construction companies, resisting biopiracy biotech companies ; protest against the Church and conservatives of all signs that seek to impede the rights of women, gays, bisexuals and transgender people to the free enjoyment of their bodies, desires and affections against private businesses who profit from public spaces such as west superhighway, Metrobus and Metro Line 12 in Mexico City, demands freedom for political prisoners, indigenous autonomy and builds out into the streets to demand their right to health, education, housing, land, bread and freedom. In sum, while the lords of power and money spread fear, hunger and violence, the people planting freedom, autonomy and dignity.


State repression, but above all the strength of the Mexican people, make urgent the need for and anarchists around the country we are in a Prime Anarchist Congress to discuss how to organize, how to combat the state and capital in today, and how to accompany the rebellion of the people towards building a new world without exploitation and domination.


The purpose of the First Congress Anarchist in Mexico is to create a space for encounter, dialogue and action in order to practice mutual support, meet our transgressions, exchange experiences among those who agree â â wish, activities and joint actions against current exploitation and domination. Anarchist Congress does not seek to homogenize the fight and think of different ways of understanding and actions of the anarchists of the country, a claim would be contradictory to our nature libertarian. Anarchist Congress does not seek hegemony in the various anarchist forces and trends that are now scattered across the country, which would be a contradiction and would go against the most basic libertarian principles. Emphasize that the Anarchist Congress does not seek to centralize and standardize the action and thinking of libertarians, or create leaders vanguards of anything or anyone.


Prime Anarchist Congress in Mexico seeks to create a space for encounter, dialogue and mutual support among anarchists that would strengthen the anarchist action against the onslaught of government repression of the PAN, PRI and PRD, and create a space that allows him continuity to the social and cultural rebellion of anarchists from around the country.


The space of encounter, dialogue and mutual support which seeks to build with Prime Anarchist Congress in Mexico is based on anarchist ethics is based on individual autonomy, fraternity and equality of human beings.


Inspired by these ethical principles, various anarchist groups and individuals have made a series of meetings convened for the purpose of our sisters and brothers from ideal to attend the First Congress Anarchist in Mexico, to be held in Mexico City, on 29, April 30 and May 1, 2011, Auditorio Che Guevara.


Anarchist comrades:


The urgent need to destroy the exploitation and domination of the rotten capitalist civilization and the aspiration to build here and now a society of autonomous, free, equal and respectful of nature, summoning us to the realization of the First Congress Anarchist in Mexico.


We hope that your heart and true word libertarian and build with all of us that freedom, rebellion and mutual support. Also, we urge the anarchists who live in the states of the Republic confirm their participation in the First Anarchist Congress as soon as possible to prepare the accommodation and to seek financial support to assist their relocation from their place of origin to Mexico City.



Health and social revolution.


Mexico, Planet Earth, January 2011.



Local individuals Libertarian Federation (FLL)

Neza TV Project

Anarchist students of the Faculty of Sciences UNAM

Members of the Auditorium “Che”

Thought Ungovernable-FLL

Anarcho-feminist Cell

Fanzinoteca Auditorium “Che”

Anarchist Black Cross.

Polytechnic students

Individuals libertarians s

Collective Self-FLL Magonista


Hijos del Pueblo-FLL


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