Chiapas Support Committee: Marcos cartoon, and other

Dear Friends and List Members,

1. Subcomandante Marcos is very active. He issued a letter in the form of a cartoon on the Enlace Zapatista website. It has not been translated into English yet, but we know that many of you read Spanish, so we’re attaching it below. You can open and print it out as a graphic letter. It’s also on our blog.

2. The Uruguayan analyst Raúl Zibechi wrote an interesting analysis of the Zapatista resurgence. It is translated into English and posted on our blog with a link to the original Spanish for those who prefer to read in Spanish:

3. Finally, there is a response (post-scripts) to those who criticized the Marcos cartoon letter. We are not aware of an English translation of Marcos’ entire response, but we translated an article reporting on the letter:

Marcos’ response in Spanish can be found at:

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