In Chiapas

1. Renewed Violence in Chenalhó: 3 Beaten and Detained – On July 20, 2 Zapatistas and one non-Zapatista were arrested in the Puebla ejido, municipality of Chenalhó. That is the municipality in which the Acteal Massacre took place. The equivalent autonomous Zapatista municipality is San Pedro Polhó, where a number of indigenous Zapatista campesinos are still displaced as a result of the paramilitary violence that culminated in the massacre of 45 women, children and men in the village of Acteal on December 22, 1997. The 2 Zapatistas were beaten and tied to posts on the basketball court and threatened with having gasoline poured on them and then set on fire. They were accused of poisoning a water tank in the community. The 3rd man was arrested and beaten for protesting the treatment of the Zapatistas. All three were taken to the prosecutor in San Cristóbal and placed in jail, where they were held for 3 days. There were not fed and did not receive medical treatment for their injuries. All 3 were released on Tuesday evening, July 23.

2. 9 Indigenous Political Prisoners Free In Chiapas! – On July 4, 9 indigenous political prisoners were released from state prison. All of them were adherents to the EZLN’s Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle and were members of the Voice of El Amate and those in Solidarity with the Voice of El Amate. Thus, the governor fulfilled a commitment he made to these prisoners when he visited them soon after taking office. The governor personally delivered the release papers to those being freed. For more details, click here.

3. EZLN and CNI Issue Joint Communiqué In Support of the Yaqui Tribe’s Defense of Water – On July 9, the CCRI of the EZLN and the National Indigenous Congress (Congreso Nacional Indígena, CNI) issued a joint communiqué in support of the Yaqui Tribe’s defense of their water and their mobilization against implementation of the Independence Aqueduct in the Mexican state of Sonora. The Yaqui Tribe has been organizing roadblocks on strategic highways and has obtained a court order in their favor due to the environmental impact of the proposed aqueduct. Despite the court order (injunction), Sonora’s governor wants to continue the project and has obtained arrest warrants against the indigenous leaders. The EZLN and the CNI demanded the cancellation of the arrest warrants.

4. New Info About "Little Zapatista Schools" In December/January – On July 18, Sup Moisés released information about the classes where the Zapatistas will teach Freedom According to the Zapatistas. In the communiqué, the Zapatistas are offering the class again in both December and January so that everyone will have an opportunity to participate. They will be taught both before and after the New Years celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Uprising. Click here for details about how to request an invitation to the escuelitas (little schools) and about videoconferencing.

5. Chiapas Cancels Carbon Deal With California – On July 8, the state government of Chiapas announced the cancellation of a carbon trading deal (REDD Plus) with California, modeled after the UN’s REDD program. The carbon-trading program was to be implemented in the Lacandón Jungle of Chiapas, without regard for indigenous and campesino land rights. In the Lacandón Jungle, Zapatistas and non Zapatistas alike opposed the project. The Chiapas government called the program a failure. Click here for more details and background links.

6. Janet Napolitano’s Latest and Last Visit to Mexico Involves Chiapas – US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made one last visit to Mexico before she leaves her position in September. She met with Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Osorio Chong and other Mexican officials on the US-Mexico border before meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City. Among the bi-lateral agreements that were reached between Mexico and the US during her visit is one concerning Mexico’s southern border. Press reports simply say that the US agreed to "act" on that border to assure an orderly immigration flow, but there is no description of what that may involve. Nor is there any explanation of why the US and Mexico are entering into an agreement about a border the US doesn’t share and about which Mexico already has agreements with its southern neighbors. Click here to read the article and view map.

7. Sup Marcos Issues 2 Comunicados at the end of July – Subcomandante Marcos issued 2 comunicados at the end of July: Votán I and Votán II. Votan I brings back the imaginary beetle named Durito and is not yet translated into English. Click here to read in Spanish. Votán II describes what to expect in the little schools. It has been translated into English and is posted on our blog here for you to read.

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