Three Thousand Zapatistas and Adherents to the Sixth Declaration in Homage to Votán Galeano

La Realidad, Chiapas, May 24th, 2014.
By free, alternative, autonomous media

Under the sun of the Lacandon Jungle in the Mexican Southeast, this afternoon in the plaza of La Realidad Caracol, one of the capitals of civil and peaceful Zapatismo, covered by messages in memory of compañero Galeano, approximately 2,200 Zapatistas and 800 persons from civil society and insurgents of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation gathered to pay homage to the Zapatista teacher José Luis Solís López: Votán Galeano.
“Proud, strong, and enlivened” compañeros and compañeras from La Realidad, gave the welcome to those present and those who could not be, shared their pain and their rage at the context of war in which the paramilitary attack took place last May 2nd against the Caracol, in which Galeano lost his life at the hands of people with “rotten thought who accept handouts from the evil government.”
The participation of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee (CCRI) stood out, which in the voice of Comandante Tacho expressed: “we come to give homage to a compañero without size or height, we do not come to bury him, we come to dig up his combative being; we come to lift him up in every boy and in every girl. Lift up in each compa his being a teacher, his being a videoconference participant, his being an assistant to the Autonomous Councilor, candidate to the Junta de Buen Gobierno, and his being a sergeant.” Leaving clear that for them death is not the end of the struggle nor the end of the construction of autonomy.
There was a series of messages for the adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, who this time fulfilled the commitment signed in 2005, “if they touch one of us, they touch all of us. You should understand that the EZLN cannot get involved just like that in the communities, it can only enter if the autonomous communities request it, to do justice. The rage that we have is against capitalism, not against those who are tricked by it. Let’s struggle, let’s work, let’s talk among ourselves, those from below and to the left, let’s not look toward above, because there, there are not eyes nor ears. Here we are to accompany and investigate the acts. The rage must not be tranquilized with the detentions made by the Chiapas government which is a disguise, which is not justice, which are done so that you of the Sixth Declaration tranquilize that rage,” signaled Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.

They indicated as being responsible for the murder of maestro Galeano: Florinda Santis, councilwoman for the PAN in Las Margaritas, Luis H. Álvarez, commissioner for Peace in Chiapas, and Carmelino Días López, who “met to construct problems for the Zapatistas in exchange for money, projects, and weapons.” They denounced, following the attacks, the three levels of the bad government; the congressman, the governor, the ex-governor, and the supreme paramilitary Enrique Peña Nieto. “They have a plan to murder the EZLN and benefit the great businesses. They think that with taking a Caracol and killing a compañero the struggle is finished, but no, just as there were fallen in ‘94 and Galeano followed their example, now we will follow the example of Galeano, they want us to lose our head and kill each other among ourselves, but we are not going to give pretext for the evil government to murder indigenous people and say that it is a conflict among communities, we seek justice and not revenge, justice forever and the revenge will be against neoliberal capitalism.”
They reaffirmed their posture before the bad government to not receive handouts or charity, to not talk with the evil governments due to not trusting “those brainless people, today and forever we do not trust those ignorant and stupid people, with great hands to steel and without a brain to think, from whichever party they may be. Our struggle is for freedom, for an anti-capitalist world, and we are not going to turn aside.”
Also in the form of denunciation they gave a brief portrayal on seven attacks to understand what the CIOAC is:
– November 20th, attack on the 10 de Abril village.
– One year ago, attack on recovered land in La Realidad and Morelia.
– Attack on Eusebia river one month ago.
– Attack in San José Palma, Margarita.
– Attack 15 days ago on Ejido Miguel Hidalgo.
– Attack in Rayón in the north of Chiapas with deaths.
– May 2nd, murder of Galeano.
In addition the CIOAC participates in the crusade against hunger, which they made evident as a counterinsurgent crusade, where their leaders learn to kill and lie. “What future awaits their children?,” Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés asked himself.

The labour and work which the alternative media have done got special recognition, both those who participated in the caravan and those who could not attend, because together they have achieved breaking the informative siege imposed by capital, calling to not abandon their labour and commitment with truth.
“He did not sell out, did not give up, was not defeated. Galeano Presente,” affirmed Moisés in his intervention. He concluded, “From La Realidad, and for La Realidad, we will not let them destroy it, it is our commitment to free this country, whatever is to happen and whatever is to come."

Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Mexico.
Photos by free, alternative, autonomous media.


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