The maturity of the EZLN is commended

Fernando Camacho Servin

La Jornada

Saturday May 31, 2014


The response of the support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) to the murder of their militant José Luis Solis, Galeano, is a sign of the maturity of these groups, as well as an example of how they choose to live and give life, instead of taking up the alternative of to kill or be killed, said academic and journalist Sergio Rodríguez Lazcano.

During a forum for analysis of the current situation of the Zapatista communities, held yesterday at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the analyst emphasised that after the provocation signified by the murder of the activist, the EZLN was in a dilemma whether to respond violently or to do nothing.

Given this scenario, he said, the indigenous organization chose to take a step sideways: not to seek revenge, but to seek justice, celebrating the memory of Galeano and highlighting that the brothers who attack us are confused, which shows clearly their maturity and that they perceive the confrontation with the other in a very different way from Western thinking.

Regarding the public disappearance of Subcomandante Marcos – who justly assumed the name of Galeano – Rodríguez Lazcano said that this is a good opportunity to see if Mexican society is able to see and above all, listen, to the indigenous Zapatistas without the work of translation done by the rebel leader.

Translation by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity


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