“Spurious” leaders seek to dispossess ejido owners of their lands in Bachajón, they warn

** They simulate an assembly to impede tribunals from defending those affected

** “Neither the commissioner nor the bad governments will take the inheritance of our grandfathers from us,” they say

[San Sebastián Bachajón ejido owners have
held numerous demonstrations to impede the dispossession of their lands.
Authorities want to use them for tourist purposes. Photo: Moysés Zúñiga

By: Hermann Bellinghausen

The ejido owners of San Sebastián Bachajón (Chilón municipality, Chiapas), adherents to the Sixth declaration of the Lacandón, denounced that this Wednesday the spurious ejido representation, headed by Alejandro Moreno Gómez, held an assembly without a majority to impede the state tribunals from giving an answer to the demand for respecting ejido property against the dispossession, for tourist purposes, of a part of the Tzeltal community’s territory. That occurs inside the lawsuit for a protective order 274/2011, to which the judge on the case has arbitrarily and unjustifiably delayed.

The mentioned illegal assembly that the officialist commission convoked with his related group was not “public and open or with all of the assembly, and it did not com ply with the time frames that Agrarian Law imposes,” the indigenous reported.

They noted that they do not recognize what was said and agreed to there with respect to the protective order against dispossession and the agrarian demand that impugns the naming of Moreno Gómez.

The “illegal assembly was closed door, not in the customary place, which is the ejido house, and only a reduced group of ejido owners participated, with which it is sought to simulate making decisions.”

The ejido owners of the Sixth asserted: “We are in struggle to defend our Mother Earth, although the officialist (pro government) ejido commission ejidal wants to deliver it to the bad government. The organized people are going to defend it cost what it may, because the blood of our fallen compañeros Juan Vázquez Guzmán (murdered one years ago) and Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano (murdered two months ago) was spilled in defense of the land. Neither the ejido commission nor the bad governments can take away from us what has cost the life of our compañeros and is inherited from our grandfathers and grandmothers.”

They warned: “Our organization continues legally defending the land that the bad government wants to dispossess from us” with the lawsuit for a protective order 274/2011 before the seventh district judge in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. The case has gone on for more than three years and the “corrupt judge” that has the case “already has an agreement with the bad government. He has not respected the law or human rights, and he does not want to resolve it and cleans his hands saying that he does not proceed to study the case because we do not have the right to defend our land and falsely says that the assembly gave its consent to the permanent stay of the government on our lands.”

On two occasions the third collegiate tribunal in Tuxtla Gutiérrez has positively resolved the ejido owners demands. “The decisions of the seventh district judge are illegal,” they added. Now the collegiate tribunal is going to study the protective order record for the third time.

They also filed a complaint against the commission before the Agrarian Tribunal in Comitán for the illegal assembly in which Moreno Gómez and his followers were imposed as ejido commissioners. “They committed many irregularities with the support of the Agrarian Prosecutor of Ocosingo.” The hearing was just held on June 5 in the agrarian tribunal, where Moreno Gómez arrived with his people “and individuals that were intimidating and harassing the compañeros from our organization taking photos and videos.”

With the maneuver of the illegal meeting it is sought to “simulate that the general assembly of ejido owners is in agreement with the dispossession. We denounce these corruptions and energetically reject the crimes that the ejido commissioner commits against the people of San Sebastián Bachajón. As an authority he ought to respect his people, but he is just a puppet of the bad government mal because he has no Dignity.”


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