Military positions in Chiapas, near the JBGs of the Zapatista support bases


Adrian Ciriaco – This map shows what the media keep quiet about: in Chiapas there is no peace, there is an armed strategy of containment which awaits the opportunity to emerge as an armed strategy of destruction. The war in Chiapas is not only of the fourth generation, it is not purely through the media, through ideology or through social programmes. It is not even only about paramilitary harassment: the army is there in strategic positions … for this reason we are sharing this graph which a compañero published on Facebook, because this information should not only be for users of social networks…

The red dots are the locations of the caracoles and Good Government Juntas (JBG)…

"The rectangles and squares indicate the positions which the federal army and the combined forces have taken in Chiapan territory.

The red and black rectangles, contrary to what you might be thinking, are GAFES Airmobile Groups of Special Forces, ie people prepared for guerrilla warfare, (for killing).

"Because, compas, it is one thing to shout ‘you are not alone’ and another to face with only your body an armoured column of federal troops, as happened in Los Altos de Chiapas, and see if with luck someone finds out, and see if there is a little more luck and the person who finds out is outraged, and if there is even more luck and the person who is outraged does something about it.

In the meantime, the tanks are stopped by the Zapatista women, and it is through insults from mothers and stones, that the steel snake has to pull back.

And in the northern zone of Chiapas, which endured the birth and development of the white guards, now recycled as paramilitaries; and in the Tzotz Choj zone, the continuous aggressions from campesino organizations of "independents," which sometimes do not have a name; and in the Tzeltal Selva area, ​​the combination of paramilitaries and contras.”
A difficult decision.
From the Zapatista reality.
Mexico, May 2014

Translated and posted by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity 28/06/2014


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