Committee Formed to Free Nestora Salgado, Former Guerrero Self-Defence Leader

César Arellano

La Jornada, 15th August, 2014

NestoraSalgado.03.15.14Defenders of the rights of women, students, artists and feminists announced the formation of a committee for the freedom of Nestora Salgado, former coordinator of community police in Olinalá, Guerrero, who, on August 21, will complete a year "of unjust imprisonment".

The activists denounced the "deplorable conditions" under which Nestora is being held in the federal prison in Tepic, Nayarit [far from Guerrero]. They said that she is the only prisoner who is handcuffed, she is hardly allowed to communicate with family members and just a few days short of 12 months as a "political prisoner" she was allowed to see her lawyer for the first time.

Saira Rodriguez Salgado, Nestora’s daughter, demanded that her mother be transferred to a prison in Mexico City during the process, not one in Guerrero, because it would represent a risk to her safety.

Meanwhile, Trinidad Ramírez Velázquez, wife of the leader of the Peoples’ Front in Defence of the Land, Ignacio del Valle [of Atenco, State of Mexico], said it is "absurd" that the former coordinator of the Community Police in Guerrero is accused of several crimes, including kidnapping, simply for speaking out. "Nestora, like other women and men who were arrested, is dangerous to the state because she does not bend over and she does not accept the corruption."

At a press conference, which was also attended by anthropologist Marta Lamas [leading Mexican feminist] and Beatriz Louvre, of the Front of Resistance for Mexico and Gloria Muñoz, journalist and La Jornada contributor, Ramírez Velázquez said Nestora’s case "unfortunately, isn’t an isolated one, as there are many throughout the country. It is the application of force by the state against the social activists of the rest of the territory, against men and women who have dared to go against official policies."

The attendees called on society to join in solidarity with those affected, and they placed photos on social networks with the hashtag #NestoraLibre .

Translated by Reed Brundage


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