“They avoided being massacred, murdered like in Acteal,” denounces the Zapatista Good Government Junta




Published by: POZOL COLECTIVO August 16, 2014

Chiapas, Mexico. August 16. "They avoided being massacred, murdered like in Acteal," denounces the Good Government Council (JBG) The Way of the Future of La Garrucha, in the municipality of Ocosingo, in respect of the Zapatista support bases in the communities of San Jacinto, Egipto and El Rosario, who as a precautionary measure took refuge in other Zapatista villages after being attacked with firearms by the Regional Organization of Coffee Growers of Ocosingo (ORCAO) since last July 25.

"Where is the peace which Peña Nieto speaks so much of? Is this the peace Manuel Velasco talks about?" the JBG asks and emphasises" they are responsible for everything that may happen or will happen, because it is they who financed, organized and executed these attacks against us".

In its denuncia, the Caracol of Resistance Towards a New Dawn, explains that the first attack occurred on 25 July, when a group of 19 people, from the community of Pojkol in the municipality of Chilón, from the organization ORCAO of the Chiquinaval neighbourhood, came to the Zapatista support base community of San Jacinto, in the autonomous municipality of San Manuel in the caracol of La Garrucha, verbally threatening the population. Among the attackers identified by the JBG are: Andres Gutierrez Guillen, Andres Gutierrez de Meza, Eliceo Ruiz Gutierrez, Guillermo Perez Guillen, Vidal Gutierrez Gomez and Juan Ruiz Gutierrez.

The Good Government Junta The Way of the Future states that on the 1st August at 11:30 pm, armed men returned and entered San Jacinto, they were from the settlement of Pojkol, in the Santiago neighbourhood, among them were: Bersain Gutierrez Gomez, Victor Gutierrez Gomez, Valdemar Gutierrez Gomez and Romeo Gutierrez Gomez. "These paramilitaries killed a young bull, while others fired shots in the air and headed toward the Zapatista community of Egipto, all with lamps in their hand, for this reason the compañeros organized and the women and children left at 12:30 am to go to another Zapatista village where they still are now" it explains.

The Zapatistas of La Garrucha, Chiapas, reported that on Thursday, August 14, at 4:50 am 18 armed people came from the same community of Pojkol, surrounding the community of San Jacinto. "They fired guns of different calibres, firing bullets into the walls of the houses, and on to the roofs of the houses, where the compañer@s were sleeping and at the same time the compañer@s had to leave in the early hours of the morning to seek refuge in another Zapatista community, leaving everything, they just took what they were wearing" they explained.

"We truly want peace, if there is no peace we will struggle until peace is achieved. We do not sell ourselves, we do not give up, we do not surrender," says the Zapatista Good Government Junta, and invites all those in solidarity in Mexico and the world to remain alert, "if these savages come against us, we will be waiting," it says.




Translated and posted by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity 17/08/2014



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