ATENCO, PRESS RELEASE – Atenco and Texcoco are not for sale! The land is not a commodity!

August 22, 2014

Urgent communique from the Peoples Front in Defence of the Land (FPDT): August 22, 2014 – Atenco and Texcoco are not for sale! The land is not a commodity!




Today, August 22, the Agrarian Tribunal, based in Texcoco, cited the first hearing of the lawsuit filed by two ejidatarios, defenders of the land, to demand the annulment of the ejidal assembly of June 1 and the suspension of the act resulting from this in the National Agrarian Registry (RAN), given the legal inconsistencies and corruption that prevail.

From very early in the morning, the Peoples’ Front in Defence of the Land, the population of the neighbouring communities, compañer@s in solidarity and the alternative media, were walking along the federal highway from Mexico to Lechería to go to the agrarian Court which is located in one of the streets in the centre of Texcoco.

When they had almost arrived, dozens of PRI members and a group of young people, many of whom were their relatives, and identified as such since 1 June, wearing shirts with the words "Atenco, peace and progress," just as in the ejidal assembly of 1 June, this time tried to block the passage and attacked the demonstration, which had as its main objective to get to the Land Court and accompany the hearing from outside.

Meanwhile, inside the Land Court, the secretary of agreements, Moisés Jiménez, in the absence of Judge Daniel Magaña – with whom he was communicating by telephone – asked the defendant, the ejidal commissioner, to submit the minutes of the convocations (18 May and 1 June) and the resulting minutes of the assembly, to which he replied that they had brought nothing, because the RAN had them; for this reason, in turn, the secretary asked the RAN to present them on the 8th of September at 10am. Thus another hearing date was settled. Concerning the latter, we emphasize that the registration of the minutes in the RAN was already suspended several weeks ago and the gentlemen of the ejidal commission have already been notified, so that we can understand the aggressions and provocations that were generated on this day as the only option and reaction faced with the evident illegality with which they are conducting the handing over of the land into private hands.

It should be noted that the secretary Moisés Jiménez asked our compañeros, the applicants, if the members of the FPDT, communities and solidarity organizations would suspend the demonstration, to which they replied that not only do they all have the right to protest and free expression, but also that those responsible for the outbreak of provocations and violence are the same people who are accompanying the president of the ejidal commission.

The provocation by the Priistas was reactivated again to hamper the defence of the land. Once again they used their shock group, beating the compañeros and compañeras, and also the compañer@s from the alternative media whose cameras they tried to steal.

With this action, which is nothing new, they are trying to raise a new threshold of repression and immobility for our peoples, defenders of the earth. It happened in 2006, and they intend to continue with the same strategy of sowing preliminary investigations, to be followed by the planting of crimes against the population who openly reaffirm our love for the land and go by the route of legal defence and organized and peaceful social mobilization.

Do not be fooled. The problem is not of a people fighting amongst each other, the problem is to defend the Earth against the great dispossession operated by successive governments for the benefit of large corporations who insist on becoming owners of our country over the heads of hundreds of peoples who defend and exercise our right and obligation to struggle to defend what belongs to the people. The shock groups of the PRI, the sellouts, the loan sharks, are doing the dirty work on a much deeper problem where at stake are the freedom, the sovereignty and the future of our country.

We reaffirm our love for our Mother Earth, and our decision to defend her as another social right not only of the ejidatarios, heirs of the revolutionary struggle, but also of the population in general.

Let Enrique Peña Nieto and the sellout mafias understand, let the lords of money understand: THE EARTH IS NOT A COMMODITY; THE LAND, THE WATER AND ALL WHO REST THERE BELONG TO THE PEOPLES AND THEIR CHILDREN WHO CULTIVATE AND DEFEND HER.

We call on the people of Mexico and the world, to lend your eyes to this piece of homeland where, like other exemplary peoples, we are still raising the machete and dignity in defence of land and life.

The next hearing will be on September 8 at 10 am in the same agrarian Court of Texcoco.

A few moments ago, the defenders of the land of the people of the water’s edge returned to the square of San Salvador Atenco, where they are concentrating to denounce what has happened.

We thank you for circulating this news and providing accompaniment.



Peoples’ Front in Defence of the Land


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