Patishtán reminds Velasco Coello that he offered to help an indigenous prisoner

** The governor promised to intervene in the case of Díaz Sántiz more than a year ago

** The professor demands the immediate freedom of the two Yaqui who oppose the aqueduct in Sonora

By: Hermann Bellinghausen

10712764_549799135151572_402633846007617874_n“Our compañero Alejandro Díaz Sántiz, a prisoner in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, should be set free as soon as possible,” Professor Alberto Patishtán Gómez maintained in reference to the indigenous man, in solidarity with the Voice of El Amate, who has been incarcerated for more than 15 years.

“The governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello, has the moral obligation to intervene, as he personally promised Alejandro, more than a year ago, to attain a resolution with the government and justice [system] of Veracruz,” he indicated.

Similarly, Patishtán demanded the immediate liberation of the leader Mario Luna and of Fernando Jiménez Gutiérrez, both Yaqui from Sonora, prisoners as a reprisal by the PAN Governor Guillermo Padrés Elías, the lord of the dams (and now also of prisoners), for opposing the Independence Aqueduct.


1601068_771825009528122_7827828715512516373_n“We must all demand the freedom and presentation with life of the students of the Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School,” kidnapped by the police on September 26, and who it is feared could have already been massacred.

“The Iguala crimes must be investigated and punished,” Patishtán insisted in a conversation with La Jornada, a little before participating in the march for the freedom of the Yaqui representatives in Mexico City.

As for Díaz Sántiz, he remembered that he spent the first years of imprisonment in Veracruz, where the acts occurred in 1999 for which he was accused and sentenced (the death of a minor). The Tzotzil prisoner has always insisted on his innocence. Practically monolingual then, he was interrogated and judged without a translator, and thus, at a total disadvantage and without an effective defence, he was added to a long list of indigenous incarcerated unjustly.

The same professor Patishtán, who attained notoriety, is an example of this irregular and irresponsible administration of justice that, when it’s dealing with indigenous, easily accuses and condemns without reason, and those affected remain abandoned to their fate.

“We will continue accompanying the prisoner compañeros. The ex prisoners from the Voice of El Amate (La Voz del Amate) and those in solidarity don’t stop visiting Alejandro and the other compañeros that remain in prison unjustly, we give them courage and solidarity.”

He added: “Alejandro not only has good conduct in the San Cristóbal prison centre, but he also does good work in support of other indigenous in a situation similar to his. He is a human rights defender,” pointed out Patishtán, who did that kind of solidarity work in the prisons where he was.

Finally, he expressed support for the drivers and residents of Simojovel and San Juan de El Bosque (his birthplace), who carry out a roadblock to protest the pitiful state of the roads in the Tzotzil zone in northern Chiapas.

“The highway has again become a dirt road and continuous accidents occur. At any time the road that goes to Simojovel and Huitiupán can be impassable. It’s up to the Chiapas government to pay attention to that demand. Its abandonment of the indigenous population is excessive,” concluded the former prisoner of conscience, who after 12 years in prison obtained his freedom almost one year ago (last October 31), after a long time struggling for his freedom and that of many other indigenous prisoners in the state.


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