EZLN recognises the “resistance and rebellion” of the families of the normal school students


Elio Henríquez, La Jornada, 17th November, 2014

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) stated that it is family members and fellow students from the Rural Normal of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, dead and disappeared, who "have managed, with the force of their pain turned into dignified and worthy rage, to cause many in Mexico and in the world to awaken, asking and questioning."

In a statement, the EZLN pointed out that "it is terrible and marvellous that poor, humble family members and students who aspire to be teachers have become the best teachers that the heavens of this country have seen in recent years."

EZLN Subcomandante Moisés read the statement, during a ceremony held on Saturday at the Caracol of Oventik, where students, parents and relatives of the 43 students who disappeared on September 26 were received by the EZLN: "We thank them, not only for having honoured us by bringing their words even to our ears, humble as we are: without media coverage; without contact with the bad governments; without capacity or knowledge to accompany them, shoulder to shoulder, in the incessant searching hither and yon for loved ones, who are already among the thousands of others who are unknown; without words adequate to give them comfort, relief, hope."

The statement added: "Their words were and are a force for us. It is as if they had given us nourishment, although we were far away, although we did not know each other, although we were separated by events and geographies, that is, time and distance."

The statement encouraged them "Do not to let your words fail," but instead make them "grow, so they might rise above the noise and the lies. Do not abandon your words, because in those words go not only the memory of your dead and disappeared, but those words also walk with the rage of those from below in order that they might now be [words heard also by] those from above.”

The EZLN thanked the parents and students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School "for your heroic efforts, for your rage and stubbornness in proclaiming the disappeared in the face of those responsible for their misfortune, in demanding justice in the face of the arrogance of the powerful, in showing rebellion and resistance against their complacency and cynicism."

The EZLN expressed their gratitude "because now we see, hear and read that others are trying to cover up your hard, forceful words, which are the core of the pain and rage that gets everyone marching around. We see, we hear and we read that now doors are being knocked on no one paid attention to before, forgetting that for a long time these doors were [used] to tell outsiders that they were not taken into account in decisions made by those inside."

The EZLN statement continued, "that now those doors are just part of a useless shell, where sovereignty is simulated and there is only subservience and subjugation; forgetting that those doors open only onto a big commercial centre where the people cannot enter and where the broken pieces of what was once the Mexican nation are sold [reference to energy and other reforms].

"We do not care about those doors. We do not care if they burn them or venerate them, nor if they see them with rage, nostalgia or desire. Your words mean more to us, your rage, your rebellion, your resistance."

The EZLN statement underscored that "one cannot speak now of the political class and differentiate it from the nightmares endured and suffered by thousands on these soils. Corruption, impunity, authoritarianism, crime organized or disorganized—they are already in the emblems, the statues, the statements of principles and the practice of the entire Mexican political class."

The EZLN statement emphasized that "the demands are clear and simple:

  • Everyone must appear alive, not just those from Ayotzinapa;
  • There must be punishment for those guilty across the entire political spectrum and at all levels [federal, state, municipal]; and
  • They have to do what is necessary to ensure that nothing like this horror happens again to anyone in this world, even though the person might not be a celebrity or prestigious person."

Translated by Jane Brundage



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