Ayotzinapa Students’ Relatives Start Tour of 43 US Cities

From Dorset Solidarity

"Alive they were taken, alive we want them" Photo: Cuartoscuro

"Alive they were taken, alive we want them"
Photo: Cuartoscuro

CNNMexico: AP – Starting Monday, relatives of the 43 Ayotzinapa normal school students who were disappeared in September 2014, in the state of Guerrero, began a tour of 43 US cities to spread their story with U.S. civil organizations, international organizations and the Latino community .

The tour, called Caravana 43, has three starting points, the cities of San Antonio, McAllen and El Paso, Texas, from which families, lawyers and relatives will depart by three different routes: one through the Midwest. one along the southeast and East Coast and one along the West Coast, respectively.

In San Antonio, the participants of the Caravan 43 will begin the day with a press conference in the afternoon and will give speeches and in the evening will hold a demonstration outside the Mexican consulate that city.

Some stops on the route will be Washington, D.C. and New York, where members will meet with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and Amnesty International.

After leaving San Antonio, the central route of the Caravan will travel to Austin and Dallas, Texas, then to Kansas City (Kansas), St. Louis (Missouri), Saint Paul (Minnesota), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Chicago (Illinois), Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit (Michigan) and end in Columbus (Ohio).

The family that depart from El Paso, visit Las Cruces (New Mexico), the California cities of San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Oxnard, Fresno, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento and Santa Rosa, Portland (Oregon), Olympia, Seattle and Yakima (Washington), Las Vegas (Nevada) and Denver (Colorado).

Finally, from McAllen will go to Houston (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), Birmingham (Alabama), Atlanta (Georgia), Durham (NC), Blacksburg and Richmond (Virginia), Washington, Baltimore (Maryland), Philadelphia ( Pennsylvania), New York, Hartford (Connecticut) and end up in Boston (Massachusetts).

The tour will last about three weeks and will mark the beginning of a series of activities that aim to make their problems visible abroad.

The 43 students of the Normal School of Ayotzinapa disappeared last September 26 in the city of Iguala in Guerrero, at the hands of corrupt municipal police and members of the Warriors United cartel.

According to the official investigation, the youths were killed and incinerated in a garbage dump, a version which the parents do not believe. They continue in their search and demand the opening of new hypotheses.

Translated by Reed Brundage


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