Ejido Bachajón alerts to possible attempt at displacement.


Chilón, Chiapas, March 20. Tzeltal indigenous from the ejido San Sebastian Bachajón, adherents to the Sixth Declaration, again disclaim any links with the roadblock at the turning to the Agua Azul waterfalls on the Ocosingo-Palenque highway. They state that it is the people of the ruling ejidal Commissioner Alejandro Moreno Gómez, and Samuel Díaz Guzmán (vigilance councillor) who are in charge of the blockade.

The ejidatarios reported that Moreno Gómez is organizing his people to evict the ejidatarios from San José en Rebeldia and from the “San Sebastian” Regional Headquarters, land recuperated by the indigenous of Bachajón.

Adherents to the Sixth make it clear that they will not give up the struggle to defend their land and territory and for the release of their prisoners, and ask people to remain aware of the situation of their members, via Kolektivo Zero.

In the same way, commercial dailies report that “at any time, an armed confrontation is expected between opposing groups that are in dispute over the area,” which could lead, as on previous occasions, to government repression. e.g. From Quinto Poder: “Armed group hinders tourism transport and is on the point of a confrontation. Tourism businesses on the Ruta Maya report that at this time, near the Agua Azul Waterfalls, heavily armed people, allegedly Zapatistas, have blocked the road with the aim of recovering 100% of the territory, so they are delaying any vehicle which drives through the area. The conflict, which has lasted for years and has intensified in recent months, is known of by the Government Secretary, Eduardo Ramirez, who has done nothing about it and who has answered repeatedly that he has instructions from the Governor Manuel Velasco Coello not to intervene in the indigenous areas. An armed confrontation is expected at any moment between opposing groups who are disputing the area, which is one of the attractions of our state to national and international tourism.”https://www.facebook.com/mxQuintopoder/photos/a.659347497429276.1073741841.657066724324020/921659737864716/?type=1&theater



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