Report from the “Civilian Mission for Human Rights Observation to the camp of forcibly displaced persons from the village of Primero de Agosto, Municipality of Las Margaritas.”


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San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas. May 20, 2015.

V. Demands

Given what has been observed and documented, the Civil Observation Mission demands of the government of Chiapas that they take immediate, urgent and effective action to find a lasting solution that could lead to the prompt return of the people who were forcibly displaced, as well as that they clarify the events that gave rise to the displacement, perform the relevant ministerial inspection at the scene and move forward the respective proceedings, punishing the perpetrators and comprehensively repairing the damage, taking action to prevent acts that would put at risk once again the life and physical integrity of the children, women and men of the displaced village of Primero de Agosto.

At the same time, they must immediately address the dire humanitarian situation prevailing in Primero de Agosto, in accordance with the points made above, especially taking into consideration the most vulnerable groups such as children and women who are pregnant and have small children, all of them Tojolabales."

Read the report at:

Network for Peace in Chiapas.


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