Death threats and harassment against members of Las Abejas originating in the San Joaquin community


June 26, 2015. Editorial Radio Pozol Collective. The Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal denounced that Antonio Lopez Jimenez and his family, originating from the San Joaquin community in Pantelhó municipality, Chiapas, have received death threats and harassment after the assassination of Manuel Lopez Perez on June 23, 2015.

Las Abejas denounced that the municipal president of Pantelhó, Miguel Entzin Cruz, and the Municipal Judge Pedro Girón López “instead of respecting, ensuring and protecting the physical and psychological integrity of our compañeros and compañeras, are complicit in a series of threats against Antonio and his family, in addition the aforementioned judge threatened to kill Manuel and, according to witnesses, told his son he was going to prepare his weapon to kill him."

In response, the Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal, announced their concern for the physical and psychological integrity and life of Antonio and his family, since the municipality of Pantelhó is known as "a very violent municipality where the authorities allow murders and they go unpunished, if they did not respect the life of our compañero Manuel even though he was a member of our organization, we fear with good reason that Antonio and his family could be attacked in the same way," holding the three levels government responsible for what might happen.

Currently Antonio and his family live in the municipal seat of Pantelhó, because since 2007 they have been forcibly displaced by the authorities "of PRD, now Green Ecologist (PVEM), affiliation" because of their resistance (they do not accept projects from the bad government) and construction of autonomy.

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