Displaced Tojolabal woman gives birth in the municipal building

"Our compañera has just given birth, here where we are suffering greatly from the cold and rain", indigenous Tojolabales displaced in Chiapas


“Where will the son or daughter of Elvira Mendez be born?” social organizations and people in solidarity with the displaced families from the community Primero de Agosto, Municipality of Las Margaritas, Chiapas, asked two months ago. The answer was revealed by the indigenous Tojolabales in a communiqué on 23rd June: "Our compañera has just given birth, here where we are suffering greatly from the cold and the rain."

Although Elvira gave birth in the municipal headquarters, she did not want to stay away long from her displaced compañer@s, and she has returned to the camp, where along with her new-born child she is suffering the inclement weather along with the other refugees, on the section of the highway from Nuevo Momón to Monte Cristo Viejo.

"After 120 days we continue to denounce the forced displacement of 17 Tojolabal families by ejidatarios from Miguel Hidalgo belonging to the Central Independent Organization of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos – Historical (CIOAC-H), led by Luis Hernandez Cruz," denounced the families originally from the border jungle zone.

"This morning, 23rd June, 2015, as for the last four months, the raindrops wake us coming through the holes in the plastic sheets which cover us every night, we get up with our clothes cold and wet due to the moisture on the ground where we sleep, since the rainy season has already arrived, because the government has not done anything," added the displaced people.

"We demand an end to the threats and harassment, we strongly urge the federal government of Enrique Peña Nieto, the State Government of Manuel Velasco Coello and the Mayor of Las Margaritas, Culebro Manuel Gordillo, to fulfil the agreement signed on 25th February, 2015 where they committed to dividing the land equally," demanded the indigenous Tojolabales.

Communiqué: http://chiapasdenuncia.blogspot.mx/2015/06/120-dias-de-desplazamiento-forzado-de.html



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