Chiapas “The other prisoners.”


Chiapas, Mexico, 14th July. "They imprisoned me for organising myself and for defending the mother earth," reiterates the indigenous Tseltal Esteban Gómez Jiménez, far from the limelight now occupied by the escape of the "most wanted" drug trafficker in the world. The imprisonment of Esteban and his compañeros from the ejido San Sebastián Bachajón is evidence of the methods that are valued by officials from the three levels, to "boost the tourism-based economy in the jungle area of ​​Chiapas," at the cost of dispossessing the indigenous peoples, as the "“Grupo de Trabajo No Estamos todos” (GTNET), dedicated to the support of political prisoners, has been denouncing.

"I have been a prisoner since 2012, I am accused of assault and the possession of weapons and murder, I was detained at a village called PAMALÁ, where I was chopping firewood and I was moved to cereso no. 17 in Playas de Catazaja, where I spent one year eight months, then I was moved to cereso no. 14 "EL AMATE" in Cintalapa de Figueroa, Chiapas," said Gómez Jiménez, in whose ejido, adherent to the Sexta, are situated the touristic Agua Azul Waterfalls, where there are plans to build hotels costing more than 10 thousand pesos a night.

In March 2008, GTNET explains, the companies Norton Consulting Inc. and EDSA Construction, following the Mesoamerican Project (PPP,) presented the proposal to "boost the economy based on tourism in the jungle area of ​​Chiapas." The study aimed to develop a strategic plan that identifies the areas and projects which can improve what is on offer to tourists, with "More and more visitors spending" in what will be the Integrally Planned Centre – Agua Azul Waterfalls (CIP-CAA).

The first stage of CIP-CAA will be developing a hotel chain to manage the "Lodge/retreat" concept and make the Agua Azul waterfalls one of "the most special resort experiences that exist in the Western Hemisphere," operating four concepts of hotels/resorts in which the most luxurious chains in global tourism will invest: World Class Boutique Hotel, Lodge/retreat – near the Agua Azul waterfalls, European style five-star hotel, and resort with hotel, conference and Golf centre, adds GTNET.

The operators being considered for investment are: Luxury Collection, Orient Express, and Aman, who all operate a room rate of $300 to $1000 a night (3800-10800 pesos). The outstanding European hotels include Sonesta, Barcelo, Sol Melia, and Kempinsky. For hotel, conference and Golf centre: Camino Real, Posadas, Park, Royal, Marriott, Hyatt and Westin.

"I am innocent, I call on you to help me gain my freedom. I call on national and international solidarity for my release, they imprisoned me for organising myself and for defending the mother earth," emphasizes Esteban in his latest communiqué on 13th July.


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