BoCa En BoCa #35 August 2015 English

beb35inglogoBoCa En BoCa is an independent newssheet that aims to disseminate what happens in the organized communities in Chiapas. The aim is to generate solidarity among communities, through summaries or extracts of their publications transmitting their words.

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Boca en Boca No 35 – August 2015


29/06- Communiqué from the teachers denouncing government repression in Chiapas.

29/06- MOCRI-CNPA-MN denounce the arbitrary detention with violence of 3 women in La Trinitaria by members of FDROC, because of a land dispute. They were released the same evening.

07/07- A year after the Southern Border Programme was announced, La 72 reported increased deportations from Mexico to Central America and an increase in crimes committed against migrants (mainly by the INM and Federal Police).

08/07- La Casa de la Mujer IximAntsetic A.C., Salud y Desarrollo Comunitario A.C. and Xi’nich demanded the fulfilment of the creation of a shelter for relatives of sick and pregnant women in Palenque. "The projects and works are not a favour, it just means they’re doing their duty".

08/07- The wetlands of María Eugenia in San Cristóbal de las Casas are declared a sacred area.

09/07- "The water management we want for Tuxtla is an integrated management; this means maintaining the water cycle, and all that is involved in getting water to our homes," shared the Chiapans in Defence of Water during the forum "Defence of water, for everyone.”

14/07- The Centre for Women’s Rights in Chiapas expressed its concern at the state of violence in the municipality of Tila due to conflicts between political party supporters which generated a state of terror among the families in the communities.

17/07- The FNLS denounce extortion and the kidnapping of compañero Diego Rodríguez López in Altamirano by political party supporters.

17/07- Alexander, Salvadoran migrant and taxi driver, unjustly imprisoned in el Amate, denounces fabrication of crime, torture and extortion.

19/07- Several communities and the Regional Autonomous Council of the Coastal Zone of Chiapas signed the first declaration against megaprojects in the municipality of Pijijiapan, declaring their territories free from mining and mini hydroelectric schemes.

20/07- The Community Committee of San Miguel Chiamalapa, Oaxaca, was created in order to "defend our ancestral territory."

21/07- Ejidatarios of Chicoasen denounce the impunity and corruption they are experiencing in the face of injustice, that the CFE intends to violate their land rights and dispossess them of their land without paying them the appropriate amount for the creation of the Chicoasen II dam.

22/07- The Abejas of Acteal House of Memory and Hope marked the completion of a month since the unpunished murder of compañero Manuel López Pérez, ambushed in Pantelhó.

27/07- the EZLN announced the start of the second level of the Zapatista Little School.


02/07- After 3 years and 7 months of displacement, families from Banavil, Tenejapa still have no adequate resolution of the situation.

11/07- Judge recognizes there are reasons to consider that there were acts of torture by local police against the prisoners of San Sebastián Bachajón.

21/07- Esteban Gomez Jimenez from San Sebastián Bachajón, unjustly imprisoned in El Amate, calls for solidarity after two years in prison.

28/07- Families from the village of Primero de Agosto remain in inhumane conditions and threatened by paramilitaries from CIOAC-H.


A choice between criminals

On 07/07 ejidatarios of Tila shared that "on 20/06 violence was unleashed by the Green and the PRI political parties blockading the crossroads, using trucks from the Town Hall and recruiting young people to put on masks and thus sow social intimidation." On 06/07 "a candidate from the PRI carrying out his campaign in the town was attacked with firearms, an hour later the mobilization began of 8 cars full of masked men armed with sticks, stones and firearms." "Their elections always end up with mutual killings because it is a choice between criminals," they observed. Then they recalled the different strategies of the municipalities against their ejido since 1943. "Our indigenous Chol people settled on our ejido land have experienced 72 years of them coming to attack our land and territory, and it is not a legal space for the political parties to come to fight each other." They declared that "the Assembly has raised minutes of meetings with the government and the Congress for the transfer of the municipal headquarters out of our ejido; the place where it is legally appropriate for their government to command and to exercise its law of the official municipality, we do not want it here."

"Our look at the Hydra"

The EZLN announced the launch of the book “Critical Thinking against the Capitalist Hydra.” They presented a passage from "A World War" by SupGaleano. "The first thing that got our attention was the protests and disagreement on social media. Then came the articles that managed to get a place on the pages of the paid independent media. So a team of Tercios Compas [Zapatista
Media] were sent to confirm or dismiss the reports. If you pick up your camera and photograph a series of “onsite” images of one of the principal cities of the south-eastern Mexican state of Chiapas, you will see the disorder, abandonment, and chaos that reign there. But if, over time, you zoom out to a broader view, you will begin to notice a particular logic and order to this chaos. Now, if you combine a panoramic view over time and space, you will have a fairly accurate image of reality. Not of the image represented there, but rather the genealogy of that image. That is, you will see the before, during, and after of that image."

“Has the nation-state, that is, the state as we know it, remained untouched in the system’s war? In order to know the answer, we need to reconstruct the genealogy of the nation-state and compare our conclusion to the current reality. Then we can ask: what were the foundations of the state, and which of these have been maintained, which have been disappeared, and which have mutated? What were its functions, its place, its sphere of influence, its areas of interest?”

Harassment of the HRC in Tonalá

The Digna Ochoa Human Rights Centre A.C. in Tonalá denounced "acts of harassment by members of the State Special (Ministerial) Police from the Procuraduría General de Justicia of the State of Chiapas, who presented themselves at the offices of this agency" on 01/07.

"In Mexico the work of defending human rights still remains a high risk for civil human rights defenders. So we express our concern that the wave of harassment, threats and intimidation still continues to increase against defenders of HR. It is important to say that the Declaration of Human Rights Defenders recognizes the work of defenders, as well as the responsibility of states to protect, and promote the protection of human rights defenders."


Violent dispossession of the Xochicuautla community, Edomex

On 07/07 the indigenous community of San Francisco Xochicuautla and the Indigenous Peoples’ Front in Defence of Mother Earth denounced in a communiqué that "staff of the construction company Autovan SA de CV, a subsidiary of Teya and the Higa Group, have arrived in the indigenous community and begun work again with heavy machinery accompanied by overflights of helicopters and hundreds of riot police, almost all of them located on the outskirts of the community awaiting orders." They also denounced that the police were "trying to intimidate and wanting to arrest the indigenous from our community. We are being regularly informed of continuing aggression towards children, women and men, they are knocking down houses and cutting the water supply pipeline." Then they reported that the Interior Ministry of the State of Mexico had agreed to "hold an information table on 06/07, with a commission of authorities and representatives of the indigenous community of Xochicuautla, where they stated that representatives of the state government and most of the agencies involved in the Toluca Naucalpan Highway Project would be present;" but only "two representatives of the General Directorate of Government attended," "which we felt to be disrespectful, because the community members who attended did so in a timely manner, respectfully, without threatening, without offending them, respecting their physical integrity, something which they did NOT do to us." They also warned that "the representative of the Autovan company, a subsidiary of Teya Eng., said that the work would continue."

Ejidatarios from San Sebastián Bachajón sent a communiqué to the people of Xochicuautla “We want to say to the community of San Francisco Xochicuautla that you are not alone, compañerxs, because we are following your struggle.”

Authorities kill and wound in the Nahua community of Santa María Ostula, Michoacán

On 19/07 the team of support and solidarity with the indigenous community of Santa María Ostula announced that "the indigenous community of Santa María Ostula, municipality of Aquila, Michoacan, has been attacked severely by federal, state and municipal forces in a joint operation deployed by the Michoacán Coordination Group. As a result of the aggression one minor was killed and several comuneros were seriously injured" and several others were also arrested. "They tried to pass as comuneros and provoke the community to confront the Army, radios used by the community for communication to protect their communal land were stolen. Also stolen was the seal of the Vigilance Committee." Faced with this attack and in order to not have any more members detained "several roadblocks were established in each area" but "federal and state forces used their vehicles to ram the roadblocks of the community police and burned several trucks and trailers which were there, they also used tear gas." "They shot indiscriminately at members of the community," which resulted in the death of a 12 year old boy, and the wounding of a 6 year old girl and three other people. They stated that "the headquarters of the municipality of Aquila was surrounded by members of the federal forces preventing the Aquila self-defence group, which is in solidarity with the community of Santa Maria Ostula, from coming out to aid them against the attacks they were experiencing." The communiqué recalled that this operation is contrary to the agreements "signed between the community and government, where the commitment to respect the community police was established." Finally they added "none of the heads of organized crime operating in the region have been arrested."

A few hours later, the CNI and CCRI-CG of the EZLN issued a joint communiqué in solidarity to denounce the government’s complicity with organized crime "to escalate the war of conquest".

Ts´omanotiksok jun kaltsiltik (United in one heart)

From the pronouncement that was given at the end of the first great Pilgrimage for Peace, for Life and Against Violence and Dispossession, from the ejido Ignacio Zaragoza, municipality of Las Margaritas, to Comitán de Domínguez, which took place on 28 and 29/07, convened by the catechists and deacons of the Tojolabal Mission for the parish of St. Margaret of Antioch and the Mission of Guadalupe; the brothers declared:

"We express our dissent, uniting our strengths, building hope and praying to God to help us take care of our patrimony." They walked "to organize, unite and transform our consciousness, confront the violence that we experience in our communities and the problems that come with the structural reforms: such as problems with education, health, labour, energy, taxes, and politics, among others."

"We demand an end to all the violence that we experience every day, such as drug trafficking, corruption and impunity, threats and displacement by organizations which are controlled by the government with their political parties which divide and confront within the communities.”

"We thank the Pueblo Creyente from Simojovel for having joined our pilgrimage and offer them our solidarity in the courageous struggle they have undertaken […] We are inspired by the long journey of the Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal […] we share the pain of people who have been displaced by an armed group, like the people of the village of Primero de Agosto, who have now spent five months of living under plastic … like the struggle of the Banavil families who have been displaced since 11/12/2011 […] We welcome also the Movement in Defence of Life and Territory, who oppose the construction of the superhighway from San Cristobal to Palenque and who are an example of organization and resistance to megaprojects. "

"We invite all the individuals and peoples of our region, to reflect on the reality we live, to continue to make our voices heard, so that this gathering of peoples is only the beginning of our transformation of awareness, that all we join together with all our differences," they concluded.


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