Communiqué from San Sebastián Bachajón 11th September 2015




To the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the Good Government Juntas

To the Indigenous National Congress

To the compañer@s adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle

To the mass and alternative media

To the Network for Solidarity and against Repression

To Movement for Justice in El Barrio from New York

To national and international human rights defenders

To the people of Mexico and the world

Today Friday we have come together in a roadblock at these high points of our territory in the ejido San Sebastián Bachajón, and in 15 days’ time it will be a year since the cruelty committed by the Mexican state, killing 3 people, leaving 3 in a state of coma due to the repression they suffered and with another 43 young normal school students disappeared from Ayotzinapa.

These figures are in addition to thousands of others assassinated and disappeared throughout the country, as well as political prisoners incarcerated for their commitment to the defence of our territory and life as indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

We hold the bad government responsible for the murders of our compañeros Juan Vázquez Guzmán on 24th April 2013 and Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano on 21st March 2014; at the same time we demand the freedom of our others unjustly imprisoned, Esteban Gómez Jiménez, prisoner in Cintalapa De Figueroa, Chiapas (Amate #14), Santiago Moreno Pérez and Emilio Jiménez Gómez, prisoners in Playas De Catazaja, Chiapas (Cereso #17), who were imprisoned for having the commitment to defend our mother earth, we also call for the freedom of other prisoners of Mexico and the world.

We denounce those responsible for the release of the two intellectual authors of the murder of the teacher and compañero Galeano by the self-appointed “judge” Victor Manuel Zepeda López, of the criminal court in Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas, on 12th August this year, knowing that their accomplices in the CIOAC-Histórica know that they are guilty of organizing the crime.

Justice for the compañeros for defending freedom, peace, life and the mother earth.

We will continue to join the struggle, our struggle for the live appearance of the young people and for justice, so that together with other indigenous peoples, with other organizations of the country we will overcome the capitalist monster for a better world, where there will be peace, democracy, justice and a harmonious relationship with nature and the entire cosmos.

Never again a Mexico without us

Land and Freedom

Zapata Vive!

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Freedom for political prisoners!

Juan Vázquez Guzmán Lives, the Bachajón struggle continues!

Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano Lives, the Bachajón struggle continues!

No dispossession of indigenous territories!

The state police out of our indigenous territory!

Immediate presentation of the disappeared compañeros from Ayotzinapa!

Long live the dignified struggle of our Chol compañeros y compañeras from the ejido Tila!


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