Chiapas Support Committee BRIEF NEWS UPDATE

September turned out to be a busy month. The team of experts sent by the Organization of American States issued its six-month report, both final and damning, on the investigation into the Ayotzinapa Case. The EZLN issued a comunicado about the one-year anniversary of the 43 student disappearances, which caused many thousands to mobilize in a show of solidarity. We posted and sent out a simple bilingual solidarity action that everyone could take on behalf of the Ayotzinapa families and received a good response. (Many thanks to those who took action.) Ayotzinapa generated a lot of news, but it wasn’t the only news. Below is a summary of the news articles posted on Compa Manuel.

1. EZLN Mobilizes in Solidarity with Ayotzinapa – Mobilizations in Chiapas by Zapatistas and other organizations in solidarity with Ayotzinapa.

2. Raúl Zibechi on the current popularity of Frantz Fanon – In this piece Zibechi talks about the increasing popularity of Frantz Fanon’s ideas among Latin American social movements.The article was enormously popular on CompaManuel and Facebook.

3. CNI Mobilizes In Solidarity with Ayotzinapa – The National Indigenous Congress (CNI in Spanish) joined the demonstrations in Mexico City on the one-year anniversary of the Ayotzinapa tragedy.

4. Special Economic Zones for Southern Mexico – On September 29, Mexico’s embattled president made yet another controversial proposal to Congress: special economic zones in Oaxaca, Michoacán/Guerrero and Chiapas. A Chiapas journalist reports on the proposal and the dispossession it would cause.


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