BoCa En BoCa #37 in English October 2015

BoCa En BoCa is an independent news-sheet that aims to disseminate what happens in the organized communities in Chiapas. The aim is to generate solidarity among communities, through summaries or extracts of their publications transmitting their words.

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The other cry from Simojovel

On 15/09 the Believing People of Simojovel made their own cry [the
commemoration of the cry for independence in Mexico – translator]: "We wonder: Are we free and sovereign? If we are free, then why are there so many dead? Why the criminalization of social protest? Why are there many displaced people in Chiapas? Why so much corruption of the authorities? Why has organized crime taken great force and is gradually controlling the people? Why so much poverty, increasing to more than 2 million poor people?" They added: "We have to recognize that we cannot shout Viva Mexico! because there is widespread cry in our country, expressed by the bishops of Mexico: "Enough! We need a new face and heart for Mexico, we need a change, but a change of system. Pope Francis is so right to say: ‘This system cannot last.’”

Again they asked: "Who will make this change? The freedom and independence that the priest Miguel Hidalgo began, he did not do it with governments, with the powerful, the ambitious, and the corrupt. He did it with the poor, the slaves, the simple and humble people." They ended by stating clearly: "We want this change to happen by peaceful means that do not lead to bloodshed." y y

Takeover of Tila Town Hall

On 16/09, Chol Indians in northern Chiapas, adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, after a huge march and rally demanded the "immediate departure of the municipal council of Tila, located illegally inside the ejido". The men and women ejido members also spoke in favour of a halt to the presence of state police who have been in the area since the elections in July. Similarly they demanded "the disappearance of paramilitary groups" which they say, "are created by the Mayor, in complicity with the state government." During the symbolic takeover of the Town Hall, the descendants of the Maya made it clear that their lands are for the Chol people, and the Mayor "is not well seen in the ejido". "The Mayor should go to Petalcingo" they added, "because it is in that community that he should legally be."

Adherents to the Sixth also expressed solidarity with the families of the student teachers who were disappeared from Ayotzinapa by the State, and with the struggle of the Yaqui Tribe, the community of Ostula, Michoacan, as well as with the resistance in San Sebastian Bachajón, Cruztón and Candelaria el Alto in Chiapas.

A special mention was made of the social activist Nadia Vera, originally from Comitán, murdered in July along with four other people in Mexico City, for whom they demanded justice.

Attacks and harassment against Zapatistas

On 15/09, the Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Centre documented facts about death threats, physical attacks and harassment against EZLN Support Bases in Tzakukum community, official municipality of Chalchihuitan.

Witnesses confirmed that PRI supporters threatened a Zapatista with "being hacked to death" and cut the "water hose belonging to another Zapatista who was threatened with death with a machete." On 14/8 at night, one was "insulted and assaulted in a road by a PRI supporter". On 26/07 "a group of party supporters stopped 4 Zapatistas, and threatened to burn them with gasoline; 8 more people were beaten and have injuries." On 18/08 a woman Zapatista Support Base was beaten and left "with very serious injuries to her face and her whole body, and 4 other EZLN Support Bases were physically assaulted." On 02/09 an EZLN Support Base was attacked: "after beating him, they put him in the boot of a vehicle, and he was taken one kilometre away from Tzakukum, where they again beat him and left him." They pointed to a group of 25 people that are harassing them. Finally they said: "These human rights violations in Tzakukum are taking place in a context of counterinsurgency, implemented by the Mexican state against Zapatista autonomy, and there have been several recent attacks on EZLN Support Bases."

Fierce attack on the right to inform and to be informed!

On 20/09, men and women compas from Regeneración Radio reported the cessation of broadcasting in the face of escalating violence by violent groups.

Desinformémonos published the news on 8/09, that the home of two journalists was raided.

On 04/09, the Autonomous Communications Agency SubVersiones issued a statement denouncing death threats against three of its members.

On 26/08, while compas from Mas de131 were documenting an action with Ayotzinapa families, they reported that police "stopped us by force and then beat us and removed us from the premises. They asked us to switch off the cameras."

In Chiapas, several independent media reported attacks or threats on social networks, or in their emails. The International Service for Peace (SIPAZ), which maintains a blog, reported that between Friday 14 and the early morning of 17 August 2015, its offices were raided.


01/09- A communiqué released a year after the plunder and theft from Mrs. Carmen Portillo, denounces "Abuse of power by the governor’s mother."

10/09- the Agrarian Council and CFE raise tensions in Nueva Esperanza, Tila.

11/09- Ejidatarios from San Sebastián Bachajón carry out a roadblock.

13/09- The forcible transfer of Alejandro Díaz Santiz and three of his colleagues to a high security prison, CEFERESO, is denounced.

13/09- For their ninth anniversary, the Autonomous Regional Council of the Coastal Zone of Chiapas evaluate their movement.

14/09- Immigration authorities detain three indigenous women from Chiapas and threaten to deport them to Guatemala, despite their being identified as Mexican.

15/09- Salomón Vázquez Sánchez, indigenous Chol, from Salto de Agua municipality, denounces his unjust incarceration.

20/09- Inhabitants of the lower area of ​​Tila make an invitation to commemorate the victims of the counterinsurgency war.

20/09- The PUDEE denounces the reactivation of paramilitary groups, and demands self-determination for their peoples, and justice.

(Link missing)

22/09- Las Abejas announce their attendance at the demonstration taking place in Mexico City, in support of Ayotzinapa and also in Acteal.

26 / 09- Las Abejas of Acteal declare their support for Ayotzinapa. "Because our heart is much bigger than the pain the bad government has sown in Ayotzinapa, in Acteal, and throughout Mexico."


03/09- Displaced families from Banavil denounce the release of one of the authors of the disappearance of one of their members. "We will not stop until we find him."

06/09- The community of San Vicente recover their taxis after a strong mobilization.

14/09- The Public Ministry protects three federal police, who tortured a Salvadoran migrant sentenced to ten years imprisonment.


Memory: Communiqué from the CCRI of the EZLN, 15 September 1994

Today we are gathered here to remind the people of Mexico who we are and what we want. 184 years ago a handful of indigenous and some mestizos took up arms against the Spanish crown to demand the freedom that the arrogant oppressed with slavery, to demand the democracy that the arrogant choked with dictatorship, to demand the justice that the arrogant chained with exploitation. Today, 184 years after the first insurgents began the struggle for democracy, liberty and justice, for the flag of independence, for the right of the peoples to govern and to govern themselves according to their mind and reason, the flag which passed from the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe to that of the eagle devouring a snake with the three colours, the flag of Mexico, the flag of the workers, peasants, indigenous, teachers and students, of all the poor all of these lands, our flag, is raised with dignity by the Zapatista troops.

Today the troops of usurpation parade on the streets of Mexico City. They would deceive the people of Mexico, presenting themselves as an army of the people, like the Mexican Army. Here the only Mexican army is the Zapatista one of National Liberation. The other is an armed group in the service of the powerful, lacking in military honour and in shame for serving the lie.

Today we have gathered here to turn our hearts and our pain to the mountain, so that our heart is good ground for the seed of the word of those who walk in the night, of those who are mountain.

We, the dead of always, come to tell our dead that we are ready, the long night of the lie that refuses to become dawn needs more blood to fertilize the seed that will be the light tomorrow, we come here to talk to our dead. We have no life now, death walks in our steps since the dawn of the year, from history. There will be no tomorrow for the men and women without face, those of the armed step, those of the true word.

Group of Experts scientifically destroys the Mexican State’s truth about the Ayotzinapa case.

"We are fully convinced that they were not incinerated in that waste dump."

On 6/09, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts, Ayotzinapa (GIEI), made up of lawyers from Colombia, Guatemala, Chile and a psychologist, presented their report Initial Conclusions about the disappearances and deaths of the Ayotzinapa students.

In the statement of one of the detainees in this case, who would have participated in the "cremation, Miguel Landa Bahena, said they used between 10-15 tyres, and for the rest they used wood. However, one of the experts maintains that ‘A simple calculation shows that the amount of wood necessary to supplement the tyres in order to be able to burn a body would require a minimum of 675 kg.’

Following in the same statement, he [the expert] said the pile of bodies must have reached, with a conservative estimate, at least 1.5 metres in height, and the area of burning would cover an area around ​​12m x 2.5m. The PGR report indicates that the burned area in the dump is 15m x 8m."

"If the members of the 27th Battalion, including the commander JMC, were aware that the young students had been arrested by the Municipal Police of Iguala, a fact that was reported by EM "under their command," and later on confirmed that they were not detained in the police station, What did they do with this information? What urgent actions did they take? Was the information shared with the highest State Authorities at the time? What instructions were they given? Otherwise, why did they not report it? Why did they handle restricted information in C4 on that night?"

The GIEI reported the existence of a fifth Red Star bus, also transporting students of the Rural Teaching School on 26/09, which is not included in the PGR’s investigations "The invisibility of this bus had serious consequences, since they did not investigate the possible presence of the Federal Police at the scene of the crime at the ‘Palace of Justice,’ nor were necessary and appropriate inquiries made to clarify the facts, such as the clearing up of the crime scene in the colonia 24 February, the lack of inquiries into the presence of ministerial authorities in the area, alongside local police, as indicated by surviving witnesses, the bus driver’s statement and the recognition of the bus."

Nicaragua, state violence against organized producers

15/09, the Ministry of the Economy for Families, Communities, Cooperatives and Associations (MEFCCA) of the Ortega Government in Nicaragua announced the "dissolution and suspension of the National Federation of Agricultural and Agroindustrial Cooperatives (FENACOOP). The Fenacoop, which brings together more than 400 cooperatives representing about 15,000 producers had already complained that on 11/09 "a group of men burst into their offices in a violent manner (…) without notice and [the intervention] was led by the legal adviser of MEFCCA (…)" said the president of FENACOOP Sinforiano Cáceres. He added that "They came to open up by force and then brought a number of people wanting to enter and take all the information in here without telling us why." The president said he does not understand this violence on the part of the state, "why we are trying so, when there are militants and historic collaborators with the Frente [Sandinista] in this organisation?"

The government justifies its actions by referring first to the statement of the official daily Gazette, which certifies that "FENACOOP has not complied with the delivery of financial statements since 2013 and its list of partners since 2012, and is in a state of illegality and in breach of legal requirements" and secondly to a demand for repayment of funds provided by the Austrian Cooperation for Development due to FENACOOP’s failure to submit complete documentation.

In one video, the supporters of FENACOOP explain that all the papers and payments are in order, except for those for 2015, which are in process. Conversely they say they have not received any information from the government to explain its actions and in an article to the newspaper Confidencial, President Caceres explains the illegitimacy of the act saying: "The law states that if they are going to close us they must give six months to remedy the causes of closure, but they have not given us a minute."

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