Chiapas Support Committee BRIEF NEWS UPDATE

Below is a summary of the news articles posted on Compa Manuel.

1. The Second Level of the Escuelita – Gilberto López y Rivas summarizes his thoughts on the Second Level of the Escuelita Zapatista in this 1st article. We’re waiting for his next article.. And, members of the Chiapas Support Committee and friends will give a workshop on their reflections after watching the Second Level Video of Escuelita 2 – November 17, 2015 at 7 PM, Omni Commons.

2. New Colonialisms and Left Values – Zibechi writes about the reaction of the Latin American lefts to Russia’s intervention in Syria.

3. Capitalism, War and Counterinsurgency in Chiapas II – Gaspar Morquecho, a Chiapas journalist, looks at current capitalist projects and the counterinsurgency war in Chiapas through the lens of Subcomandante Marcos’ 7 Pieces of the Global Puzzle.

4. Capitalism, War and Counterinsurgency in Chiapas III – Morquecho recalls the rise of revolutionary armed groups in Mexico after the 1968 student massacre and the government’s counterinsurgency, or Dirty War. He also talks about the origins of the EZLN, the FLN, and the government’s repression in Chiapas. (For anyone wondering where Part I might be, it consists mainly of a description of the Catholic Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas and has not yet been translated.)


Chiapas Support Committee/Comité de Apoyo a Chiapas
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Tel: (510) 654-9587
Email: cezmat

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