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Reflections on Level 2 of the

Zapatista Escuelita

November 17, 2015 @ 7 PM

The Omni Commons

4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland, CA 94609

News from our blog

I. Ejido Morelia

Does anyone remember the Ejido Morelia case? The underlying facts took place in January 1994, shortly after the January 1, 1994 Zapatista Uprising in Chiapas. Basically what happened is that the Mexican Army entered Morelia, a Zapatista community that is now a Caracol, selected 3 elderly men, tortured them and took them away. Several days later their dead bodies were found on a road near the ejido. A complaint was filed and wound its way through the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Finally, on November 10 in San Cristóbal de las Casas, after almost 22 years, a settlement was signed by some of the parties involved. The lawyer for the victims’ families writes about the settlement here.

II. Tlatlaya Case

The Tlatlaya case concerns 22 youths that the Mexican Army detained and then murdered after they had surrendered. Laura Carlsen points out the contradiction inherent in the U.S. providing military training and weaponry to Mexico’s Armed Forces while also sitting in judgment of its human rights abuses. This is an excellent article with both new information and analysis from a human rights center working on the case.

III. Central American Migrants

In his second article about Central American Migrants and Mexico’s Southern Border Plan, Arturo Cano points out the contrast between the Mexican government’s public relations rhetoric regarding migrants crossing its Southern Border from Central America and the reality of how those migrants are treated in Mexico.

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