Final Declaration from the European Zapatista Encuentro

Sunday November 22, 2015, Barcelona.

To the Zapatista communities and support bases
To the EZLN
To the CNI
To the compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth in the World
To the peoples who struggle from below and to the left
To the free media

On the 20th, 21st and 22nd November many collectives, adherents to the Sixth and sympathisers with the EZLN gathered together in Barcelona. We thank the Adherents to the Sixth from Barcelona and the CGT for their dedicated organizational efforts which enabled the meeting to take place; we also thank the Local Federation in Barcelona of the CGT, Aurea Social (Cooperativa Integral Catalana) and Café Rebeldía for the logistical support without which this event could not have been held.

Collectives, adherents and individuals were present from France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, the Basque Country, Catalonia, the Spanish State, Germany and the UK.

To begin this gathering we celebrated the publication by the Sixth Committee of the book "Critical Thinking against the Capitalist Hydra," an important tool for understanding the current context through the gaze of those from below and to the left. This book now has an edition in Spanish and Italian for Europe.

During the gathering we discussed our tools of struggle, resistances, paths to autonomy and the struggles alongside our prisoner compañeros.

We have had the opportunity to take collective stock and exchange experiences about the processes that have occurred since the last gathering in Val di Susa in June 2014. We hope that the conversations in the workshops of this gathering will serve to improve coordination from now on.

We also share the pain and rage of each and every person in Mexico who is suffering the consequences of the repressive attacks by the state. A year and two months after the crime of Iguala, we still remember that we are missing 43 compañeros and thousands more, and we will not stop fighting for them.

europa-zapatistaWe reiterate our commitment to the Zapatistas and to the side of the groups and collectives, adherents to the Sixth, in Mexico and the world. Especially to the CNI and its dignified struggle against megaprojects imposed by transnationals, many of them European, who in their turn are attacking our territories. Likewise we appreciate the work of independent information being done by the Free Media in Mexico and we will continue to denounce the attacks that they are suffering.

Finally we firmly believe that in order to strengthen solidarity with the Zapatistas, it is necessary to strengthen links between the realities which from below and to the left are constructing autonomy in our territories.
Just as the peoples in Mexico are suffering the dispossession of their territories, we are also in solidarity with those who are in resistance against megaprojects here in Europe. In particular, with the dignified struggle of NOTAV in the Val di Susa (Italy) and of ZAD at Notre Dame des Landes (France).

We share our denouncement about the repressive crackdown against the libertarian movement in the Spanish State, which has been demonstrated through the operations Piñata and Pandora, and more recently in Operation Ice.

Since the terrible attacks in Paris on 13th November, our pain and rage are great. Rage against totalitarianism, directly responsible for this massacre. But rage also at the hypocrisy of European governments who speak of war on terrorism when it is they who created the monster of DAESH (ISIS) by supporting complicit countries.

We realize that the imperialist interventions are aimed at protecting their economic interests. We denounce now that the European states are taking advantage of grief and shock to deepen their militaristic, repressive, draconian and xenophobic policies.

One of the objectives is to criminalize social movements which are now being attacked with the restriction of individual and collective liberties.

Our struggle is for emancipation and social justice, against the policies that produce exclusion, repression, discrimination and dispossession. We will continue to stand with the social movements and with the peoples struggling for freedom, justice and democracy in the world. We will answer hate and fear with Solidarity and Collective Action.

Our natural solidarity is also on the side of the migrants who come up against the wall of Fortress Europe, symbol of neoliberalism, which opens its doors to wealth but not to those who produce it. The TTIP is a brutal example of how those from above put the destiny of the peoples in the hands of those with great financial wealth. In the same way that NAFTA did and the EZLN took up arms in 1994.

In parallel, as with the dignified struggle of the compañeras in Chiapas we turn our gaze towards the peoples who resist and build autonomy from below, especially to the process which is developing in Kurdistan and which is suffering harassment from both the Western and Eastern capitalist world.

This is our humble word.

  • Associació Solidaria Café Rebeldía-Infoespai (Barcelona)
    • Associazione Ya Basta! Milano (Italy)
    • Ya Basta! (Germany)
    • CSPCL – Comité de Solidaridad con Los Pueblos de Chiapas en Lucha (Paris, France)
    • Adherentes a la Sexta Barcelona (Catalonia, Spanish State)
    • ASSI – Acción Social Sindical Internacionalista, Zaragoza (Spain)
    • Chiapasgruppa LAG (Norway)
    • Union Syndicale Solidaires (France)
    • Fédération SUD-Éducation (France)
    • Les Trois Passants (France)
    • CGT – Confederación General del Trabajo (Spanish State)
    • Adherentes a la Sexta, Zurich (Switzerland)
    • Plataforma de Solidaridad con Chiapas y Guatemala, Madrid (Spanish State)
    • Txiapasekin – Plataforma Vasca de Solidaridadcon Chiapas (Basque Country)
    • UK Zapatista Solidarity Network (UK)
    • Adhesiva, espai de trobada i acció (Catalonia)
    • Bologna per Ayotzinapa (Italy)
    • La Pirata:
    – Nodo Solidale, (Mexico-Italy)
    – Colectivo Zapatista de Lugano (Switzerland)
    – Nomads Bologna-Berlin (Italy-Germany)
    – Individual Adherents

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