San Sebastián Bachajón denounces attack against the Ejido Tila


Good afternoon, compañeros and compañeras. We ask you please to help spread this news in solidarity with the Ejido Tila, Chiapas.

A combative greeting to all.

this morning, Sunday 20th December, the commander of the municipal police shot and seriously wounded in the stomach a compañero ejidatario from Tila.

as part of the tasks for the day on Saturday, the general assembly for the care of the territory agreed to work to clean the town, so today they gathered in the central park to begin their work when the commander of the municipal police appeared and started to film them, which upset the ejidatarios who tried to stop him, but the commander fled shooting one of the ejidatarios.

the compañero ejidatario is in the hospital and the people are deeply outraged by this action of the bad government.

this commander is one of those who has been organizing the paramilitaries of paz y justicia.

You are asked to remain alert and in solidarity.

within hours the ejido will make a pronouncement about this.

Amidst their paramilitaries and their bullets, our ejido remains firm and clear in its general agreement to build autonomy.




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