Eleventh Anniversary of the Foundation of The Voice of Amate


@CGT Chiapas

On January 5th, The Voice of Amate, “a voice that cried out and continues to cry out”, celebrated its eleventh year. The Voice of Amate was founded in 2005 as a result of the process of organization of indigenous prisoners “because of the injustices” in their cases. Roberto Paciencia Cruz, detained at the Social Rehabilitation Centre (Cereso) in San Cristobal de Las Casas, recalled this commemorative date, acknowledging “your non-violent struggles and all the compañer@s who joined forces.” He also thanked Alberto Patishtan and the Supporters of The Voice of Amate “for sharing your words, your struggles, your stories. For me it is like a light that I shine on my path. Even though I am in captivity, I feel happy with those who continue to awaken those who are asleep, so that they wake up and turn their eyes to the better path of struggle.”

He finished by saying, “to all those who are committed, let us be noble so that nobody defeats us, let us be noble so that nobody humiliates us. We will cry out in any language, be it Tsotsil, Tseltal, or in French […] that the struggle has no borders.”


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