Honduras Relents, Allows Witness of Caceres Murder to Leave


An indigenous man holds a Honduran national flag during a protest to demand justice for slain environmental rights activist Berta Caceres in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, March 17, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

Honduran officials were preventing Gustavo Castro from leaving the country despite fears over his safety.

Gustavo Castro, the Mexican national who witnessed the murder of environmental activist Berta Caceres, will finally be able to leave Honduras after a judge on Thursday repealed the order that had kept him trapped in Honduras.

The Honduran Office of the Public Prosecutor had banned Castro from leaving the country for 30 days, an order that was set to expire on Monday.

The Public Prosecutor issued a statement stating that they had requested Wednesday that the order keeping Castro in Honduras be lifted. The statement added that they reserved the right to call Castro back to the country should the need arise.

Castro is expected to fly back to Mexico on Friday.

The statement from the Public Prosecutor also said that the offices of DESA, the company behind the dam project opposed by Caceres, was raided by officials on March 13.

The statement indicated that weapons were found and a number of documents were seized.

Caceres’ supporters have maintained that the environmental activist was killed over her opposition to the building of the controversial dam.

Castro and his lawyers were concerned that prosecutors would try to frame him for the murder of Caceres. The Public Prosecutor has not put forward its thesis as to the motives behind Caceres’ murder.


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