“They destroyed our houses and cornfields,” denounces San Isidro los Laureles, Chiapas.


Organised group of San Isidro los Laureles and communities in the municipality of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas, adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle Mexico.

Semilla Digna.

Public denunciation.

To the good government junta.

To the adherents the the sixth, national and international.

To non-governmental organizations.

To national and international human rights agencies.

To the Indigenous National Congress (CNI).

To the alternative media.

To public opinion in Mexico and the world.

On 12th May after being evicted from the estate of el Refugio, recuperated land, by those who claim to be the owners, Rodrigo Ruiz, Francisco Ruiz, Octavin Albores, along with the bad government and white guards.

We hereby inform you that we, San Isidro and the communities, will continue resisting in struggle, until we achieve our goal; somewhere to work, somewhere to live, since it is the heritage of our families; we, men, women and children denounce the following.

We disclose and inform you that we had already planted between 50 and 60 hectares of maize, which were already close to be ready to harvest the corncobs, we inform you that all the sacred cornfield was cut in order to keep the cattle of those who claim to be the owners, leaving the 60 families who form the organized group without food, within 20 days of being evicted from the ranch el Refugio, land that is rightfully ours, as indigenous we have rights to the land.

We make known also that they destroyed our small houses, made of wood and sheets of laminate, burning all our belongings like sleeping mats, jackets, sweaters, bags, crowbars, planters, seeds and vegetables.

The owners, the white guards together with two trucks of accredited police continue to intimidate us with high-calibre gunshots, at the same time we are concerned about the wellbeing of our young compañeros and compañeras and children.

Through this communiqué we inform you that the three levels of federal, state, and municipal government, as we know from our history, exploit people like us, the campesinos and indigenous, they humiliate us, taking possession of something which does not belong to them.

That is why through our communiqué, we call for the authorities to take into account our decision to recover our land, we announce that we will return to recover our lands and territory, which ancestrally belongs to us.

We therefore ask for support from public opinion, human rights organizations, the CNI, the alternative media, and the good government junta, because we will keep you informed, in a timely manner, of everything that comes against us and our rights. Because our decision is and will be to resist and defend what belongs to us legitimately, in advance we hold responsible the three levels of government, federal, state, municipal, along with the landowners Rodrigo Ruiz, Francisco Ruiz, Octavin Albores, the chief of the region (cacique) Jesus Orantes Ruiz and the leader of the sugarcane organization (delegation), Raquel Aguilar Castaneda, for anything that may happen to us.


San Isidro los Laureles and the communities in the municipality of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas. Mexico.

Adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon jungle.

If a revolutionary does not act with dignity (s)he is not a revolutionary!


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