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News About the teachers strike

We’re following this important strike against the new education law, called a “reform,” which takes away many labor rights and many believe would lead to privatizing education. The teachers are receiving widespread support, and some think that is because their protest represents many struggles and grievances against the neoliberal government. We are publishing news of the teachers’ strike in Chiapas, where it is especially strong and the EZLN has issued statements in support of the teachers. Some Zapatista bases of support are teachers and CNTE members, and are participating in the strike.

1. People of Faith march in support of the teachers – On June 8 people of faith belonging to Pueblo Creyente (Believing People) marched in the state capital of Tuxtla Gutiérrez to show their support for the teachers. There were 5 municipios (counties) that marched, but they warned that if the government didn’t stop its repression of the teachers, its members from all the municipios and parishes in the Diocese of San Cristóbal would march.

En español:

2. Cultural workers march in support of the teachers – This very important march took place on June 9, also in the state capital. Folkloric dancers and musicians marched and performed in a cultural fiesta with signs supporting the teachers. A Chiapas newspaper that serves as a mouthpiece for the state government said that a group of folkloric dancers called Parachicos were not real, but rather false. The alternative press had a field day with that and the Zapatistas issued the comunicado described below.

En español:

3. EZLN: The government of Chiapas is losing the media war against the CNTE – On June 17, the EZLN issued its second statement in support of the striking teachers, this one regarding the media war against the teachers. An English translation has not yet appeared on the EZLN’s website, so we translated the Proceso article summarizing the comunicado. The Zapatista comunicado in Spanish is below.

En español:

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