Community radio journalist and activist killed by police in Oaxaca

Igavec Noticias


June 26, 2016

HUAJUAPAN DE LEÓN- Salvador Olmo García, a 27-year old
vendor, community journalist, activist, defender of lands,
vocalist and pioneer of the anarko-punk movement in
Huajuapan, was found seriously injured this Sunday morning
in the Las Huertas neighborhood of the city.

Around 4:40 this morning, rescue workers of the National
Emergency Commission (CNE) were alerted by local police agents
that that there was a seriously wounded person at an unnumbered
building on Naranjos Street, so Ambulance 06 of District 020 was
immediately dispatched to the spot.

When the paramedics arrived, they saw someone lying by the side
of the road. They immediately gave him first aid and put him on a

When they noted that he had serious wounds on his arms, legs,
head and torso, they decided to take him to the Emergency Room at
the Pilar Sánchez Villavicencio General Hospital of
Huajuapan, so he could get the necessary medical care.

After trying for several minutes to save his life, however, the
medics reported that Chava, as he was known by his family and
friends, had breathed his last due to the presence and
accumulation of outdoor or pulmonary air in the chest cavity
(pneumothorax), a fracture of the right arm and a broken nose.

After the death of Salvador, who was also a reporter for the Tuun
Ñuu Savi community radio, fellow broadcasters accused local
police agents of being both the perpetrators and the
masterminds of this crime. They said that Chava had
previously been arrested and then run over by an official
police vehicle.

The reporters also demanded a speedy investigation to determine
exactly what happened and punishment for the responsible parties.
They warned that if these demands are not met, alternative
measures will be taken to see that justice is done for this and
other acts that they consider fascist and oppressive by uniformed

Salvador Olmo García had been struggling for 15 years in
defense of Mixteca lands and communities and against the
exploitation of natural resources and the granting of
concessions to foreign mining companies by government

After this terrible attack, dozens of friends, acquaintances and
family members gathered at the Tuun Ñuu Savi radio station
to show their support and demand that the responsible
parties be punished.

“Members of the Huajuapan society, we hope you understand
what they did to our comrade. We don’t want to
incite violence, but we are outraged about this attack and
we want justice. Chava always struggled for equality. He
was a productive, supportive person in the society, and as
an anarchist, always protected others around him.”

“He was a good man with the soul of a child, with his
black t-shirts, dreadlocks and boots. This was the only
space he found where he could freely grow and
develop,” said one of the activists who was a close
comrade of Salvador’s.


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