Communiqué from the Ejido Tila, Chiapas, Mexico: August 3, 2016

Ejido Tila denounces entry of marines into their pueblo and call for maximum alert


Public denouncement

Ejido Tila, Chiapas, Mexico: August 3, 2016

To the Indigenous National Congress

To the national and international adherents to the Sexta

To the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity

To the Councils of Good Government

To the free media

To the national and international mainstream media

To the organizations that struggle for justice and dignity

To the honest non-governmental human rights defenders

To the struggle of Mexico and the world

Receive a strong embrace and greetings from the compañerxs of Ejido Tila, Chiapas, Mexico, who are daily constructing our ejidal autonomy and self-government as a way to rebuild what those from above have kept on the edge of a precipice, displacing us from our mother earth, doing whatever they please with us.

We publicly denounce the intrusion of the marines into the Ejido Tila, Chiapas, Mexico at 6:20 pm on 2nd August, 2016, in this way violating the constitution, the agrarian law, and international Indigenous rights. These members of the military arrived in the centre of the community of Ejido Tila to photograph the ruins of the city hall which was destroyed in pieces, and they were taking notes and photos terrorizing our Indigenous compañerxs in our own lands, aboard three military vehicles. However, they fled when the people began to become aware of the situation and to alert others and began to gather, escaping to the town of Limar. Two municipal police vehicles were seen waiting on the outskirts of the town coordinating this aggression in our community.

We energetically reject this act of provocation and we will not play their games. But we do not want them to continue provoking us because we only want to live in peace, in spite of the people who sympathize with the municipal president while he wages violence, constantly intimidating us in our Ejido Tila, where the local government was expelled because its rule was totally illegal. All of this has been promoted by a small group of pro-government people of the Ejido, dissatisfied with the ejidal autonomy. Under false pretences they are promoting the entry of the army and the judicial sector and they are organizing in the communities an attack on the ejido. We say it clearly, that this is a small group and that if they continue acting as such, they will be expelled from the town, because we have had a lot of patience, but we will not permit them to continue sowing their shit in our community.

It should be noted that in article 1 and 2 of the constitution our right to self-determination and self-government is to be respected. Along with article 39 where the general will of the people is said to be legitimate. Because this was the only manner in which we could recuperate what is ours, our mother earth that the authorities arrive to displace without respect to our ejido. They discriminate against us saying that we are stupid, and we do not want progress when our territory has served to enrich them and this mentality has been instilled in our political leaders to discriminate against us in our own land. No longer though, never again a Tila without us.

In the Ejido Tila they have to do nothing because we are now governing ourselves, without the necessity of a corrupt governmental system. These lands that we occupy belong to us ancestrally and because of this we defend them whatever the cost may be, because it is this heritage that feeds us and gives sustenance to our families. In a general agreement, we do not accept the projects that have tried to divide the people, we do not want their development nor accept the political parties. We have thus sent them a letter of explanation about our autonomy to all the governmental officials who have been put in the ejidal house and hidden secretly in our communities.

We send a maximum alert to all the honest organizations who struggle for a dignified and truth justice and ask that you do not keep your solidarity pending; we are already living in critical times and as such, we will block the entrances to the town again.


Land and Liberty

Ejidal Organs of Representation

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

Long Live the People and Their Autonomy

Long Live the Comparte Festival for Humanity

From a translation by Palabras Rebeldes

Posted by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity on 17/08/2016

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