Communique Chamula Communities Up for a Fight


San Juan Chamula, Chiapas. 20th July 2016.

Given the events of today in the eviction of people from the San Cristobal de las Casas road, the people of Chamula completely distance ourselves from participating as was reported by Televisa and TV Azteca. We place responsibility on Narciso, leader of the organisation ALMETRACH and the President of Chamula “Zetjol” . They are complicit in this brutal repression perpetuated against the Chiapas People’s Teachers Movement (or as it’s known in Spanish “Movimiento Magisterial y Popular de Chiapas”) and allies.

We call on the general public to not fall for the dirty tricks of these people who only do one thing which is the dirty work Governor Manuel Velasco.

As inhabitants of Chamula we support the teachers’ movement because we too are tired of bad government, corruption and injustice.

We place responsibility on the three levels of government who are causing so much damage to fellow citizens and we ask in the most respectful manner that the demands of the CNTE be met immediately. If we are not listened to, we will have to rise up in arms to reinforce our brothers and sisters’ struggle against the education reform, which threatens the whole nation. A lot of blood will run. There will be radical activities, we now understand Peña’s language.

After today’s events, we are organising our communities and we will not abandon our own people, our fellow citizens and teachers.

We call on all municipalities in Chiapas to support a coup d’etat if these people don’t agree. We will strengthen our fight, the municipality of Chamula will take up arms if necessary. If the government doesn’t want peace, then we will not give them peace. The municipalities of Chiapas have to be united today more than ever. United we are strong.

Chamula Communities Up for a Fight

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

United and Organised We Will Triumph

Out with the Paramilitaries

Translated by the UK Zapatista Translation Service

Posted by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity on 09/08/2016

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