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Ayotzinapa, 2 Years after

On September 25 and 26, 2014, 43 indigenous Ayotzinapa students disappeared as a result of collaboration between police, elected officials and drug gangs. The CNI & EZLN issued a joint and strongly-worded comunicado (below). Demonstrations will be held Monday, September 26, 2016!

1. EZLN gives the Grito in Chiapas– This has to be one of my favorite Zapatista articles! The Grito is the Cry of Independence given to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. It’s usually given by the President of Mexico, the state governors and municipal presidents (mayors), but in the municipality and city of Palenque the Zapatistas beat the mayor to it. Read the theatrical way in which they did it!

En español:

2. Ayotzinapa on the threshold of two years without the 43 – Magdalena Gómez writes about impunity, using Tomás Zerón as an example. The article explains who he is, what he did, his new presidential appointment and the significance of his case. It is an excellent analysis and good background info for the EZLN/CNI comunicado below.

En español:

3. CNI & EZLN Communique: Party to War and Resistance – Several days before the 2-year anniversary of Ayotzinapa, the Zapatistas and the Indigenous National Congress issue a communique in support of the Ayotzinapa struggle for truth and justice, as well as a scathing critique of the Mexican government. Importantly, they jointly state their support for the Indigenous struggle in North Dakota against the oil pipeline!

En español:


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