Pronouncement by Sylvia Marcos and Jean Robert in support of the Sexta Bachajón

From Mexico

Week of Worldwide action in solidarity with the ejidatarios of San Sebastián Bachajón, from 4th to 10th December 2016.


We do not want to miss this opportunity to support the compañeros of San Sebastian Bachajón with some phrases of indignation, compañerismo and solidarity.

We are with them, the guardians of the earth, caretakers of the water and protectors of the air, in this Mexico that is sinking under the dispossession and destruction guided by voracious capital and supported by the powers of the State, which seeks to expropriate their lands, resources and territory .

The Agua Azul waterfalls and their territory are the heritage of the peoples who care for and maintain them.

The compas of Bachajón are constantly harassed, persecuted and murdered as was our beloved and admired Juan Vázquez.

Long live their struggle and resistance, we are with them!

Sylvia Marcos

Jean Robert


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