Indigenous forbid the sale of alcohol in the municipality of El Bosque


Residents of the municipality El Bosque, located in the Highlands of Chiapas, have come to the agreement, through their traditional and constitutional authorities, to ban the sale of alcoholic drinks and close all cantinas.

The agreement was supported by the Parish Council of the Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas. In a communique released this Sunday, they expressed their concern about alcohol and drug abuse, the proliferation of cantinas, and the insecurity affecting the region.

For these reasons, they explained, they sought dialogue with the municipal authorities and on the 23rd of November, they came to a historic agreement, signed by representatives of all the barrios, Commissioners of the Ejido and Communal Goods, and by the entire town council.

Included in the agreement is the ban on selling, distributing and consuming alcoholic drinks and beer, in the municipality. They also agreed on the closure of the canteens.

It was agreed that consumers of alcoholic drinks and beer found walking around the town’s streets would be detained by the municipal police for public security, and sanctioned with a fine of 5000 pesos.

The residents of the area recognized that alcoholism is a problem that generates violence in the municipality and in the region in general. They therefore ask other municipalities to join them in taking these steps.

Translated by Ruby Zajac for the UK Zapatista Translation Service.


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