Video about the Week of Worldwide Action in Solidarity with the adherents to the Sixth of San Sebastián Bachaj ón, from the 4th to the 10th of December, 2016.


As part of the closing of the Week of Worldwide Action in Solidarity with the ejidatarios of San Sebastián Bachajón, the ejidatarios and the family of the late Juan Vázquez Guzmán have sent a video message of gratitude and solidarity through the voice of Julian, brother of Juan Vázquez Guzmán. Julian lists the names of all the countries, organizations and social activists that have participated and sends hugs of fellowship and thanks to everyone. The participating countries include: Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the United States and Uruguay.

With embraces of Love and Solidarity,

Hermann Bellinghausen, Mexico

Movement for Justice in el Barrio, United States

Raúl Zibechi, Uruguay

Sylvia Marcos, Mexico

Jean Robert, Mexico

Gustavo Esteva Figueroa, Mexico

Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group, England

Hugo Blanco Galdos, Peru

Malú Huacuja del Toro, United States

Circulo de las Primeras Naciones de l’UQAM, Canada

John Gibler, Mexico



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