The Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity


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The Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity
More of the Sup Moisés and Sup Galeano talks and communiqués from this gathering keep being published. Translations are coming out slowly.

1. Zapatista Alchemy– Sup Galeano delivers a talk about science at the “Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity.” The Sup includes a little philosophy, the Cat-Dog’s notebook and a comment on Artificial Intelligence versus Zapatista Intelligence!

En español:

Reports and Opinion Articles

1. The gasolinazo and the protests– Luis Hernández Navarro analyzes the on-going protests and the looting that’s taking place in Mexico over the steep hike in fuel prices. This is an interesting analysis!

En español: 2017/01/10/opinion/015a2pol

2. Oxchuc celebrates the “Day of Civil Resistance”– Isaín Mandujano reports on the celebration in the municipal capital of Oxchuc when residents celebrated the one-year anniversary of the day they kicked out the mayor and her municipal council, as well as the state police!

En español:

3. Learning to govern ourselves– Gustavo Esteva discusses the fears and critiques of the CNI decision to form an Indigenous Government Council and to run an indigenous woman as an independent candidate for president. He believes the patriarchal mentality can lead to accepting domination, which is rooted in these fears and critiques. He also knows that there are places where people have governed themselves for centuries.

En español:

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