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2 EZLN Comunicados

1. The first of several– Sups Moisés and Galeano announce Café Zapatista Coffee and have a few words for the right-wing rulers of the world plus a video and photos.

En español:

2. The Cat-Dog and the Apocalypse– This is a talk that Subcomandante Galeano gave at ConSciences. Among other things, he talks about science fiction in film and TV.

En español:
News and Analysis

1. Absalón Castellanos dies; the EZLN put him on trial in 1994– Isaín Mandujano tells the story of the military general and ex governor of Chiapas, who the Zapatistas captured and then put on trial. He was later turned over to Bishop Ruiz and Manuel Camacho Solis in a gesture of peace. This is a slice of Zapatista history.

En español:

2. The transition blossoms, although we may not see it– Raúl Zibechi discusses transitioning to a post-capitalist world and the formation of entire towns that have developed enough cooperative production to become economically self-sufficient. He uses the example of unemployed workers in Argentina.

En español:

3. Tarahumaras Faced with violence – Faced with violence from organized crime, they seek asylum in the United States.

En español:

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