“The Walls of Capital, the Cracks on the Left”


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“The Walls of Capital, the Cracks on the Left”

The seminar opened with 5 EZLN comandantas saying “Fuck Trump” in 5 languages! Talks from the seminar continue being transcribed and translated.

1. Subcomandante Galeano: What’s coming will be worse!– Sup Galeano again urged folks to organize, and to do so collectively! He also urged people to take advantage of the CNI proposal and expanded upon Sup Moy’s analogy of the country as one big finca! He concluded with: We don’t want to choose between a cruel boss and a kindly one, we simply don’t want bosses.”

En español: http://www.proceso.com.mx/482460/lo-viene-sera-peor-subcomandante-galeano

2. EZLN: The capitalist enemy won’t let the people rule– Subcomandante Moisés says that the capitalist enemy is not going to negotiate and agree to only half exploit us! He also talks about immigrants and that we must help them. CNI announces the dates of May 26, 27 and 28, 2017 for their assembly at which they will hold workshops, name an indigenous woman as Spokeswoman, swear in members, approve agreements and issue statements. Attached is to the announcement is Appendix 2, an impressive list of the indigenous peoples that will send representatives to the Constituent Assembly.

En español: http://www.pozol.org/?p=14901

3.Peña, an overseer at the service of capitalism– This is one of my favorite speeches of this seminar. Sup Moy compares nations to fincas, with the World Bank as the owner that really controls them. Carlos Aguirre Rojas also says: “The State is also part of above, it will always be the enemy.” in his speech Arturo Anguiano gave a definition of what it means to be a leftist.

En español: http://www.pozol.org/?p=14890

4. Greetings Mister Trump– Luis Hernández Navarro participated in the Seminar and writes this excellent summary, elaborating on the immigration issue, coffee production and the concept of the nation as a finca. A good read!

En español: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2017/04/18/opinion/017a1pol

Good News

1. Tohono O’odham tribe files petition with IACHR against the wall– The Tohono O’odham tribe is one that crosses the U.S./Mexico border, having tribal members on both sides of the border. The tribe filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, complaining that the border wall would affect the human right to life and other human rights and asked that construction of the wall be stopped.

En español: 2017/04/09/politica/013n1pol

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