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The Revolutionary Art of Zapantera Negra

Join Us on Thursday, May 11 – 7-9 pmZapantera Negra combines Black Panther art with Zapatista art. Caleb Duarte of EDELO in Chiapas, and award-winning graphic artist Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party, will present and sign the new book, “Zapantera Negra,” about the project. The Zapantera Negra textile art will be on display at the event. WHERE? Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609. Donations welcome, but not required.


We need some volunteers to help with set-up and break-down at this event. Send an email to enapoyo if you can help out!!!

“The Walls of Capital,the Cracks of the Left”

Three complete talks from the seminar have now been transcribed and translated.

1. Prelude: Timepieces, the Apocalypse and the hour of the small– Sup Galeano gives his opening remarks at the Seminar “The Walls of capital, the Cracks of the Left,” in which he takes a few shots at Mexican politicians. The characters of Durito and Old Antonio re-appear.

En español: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2017/04/12/preludio-los-relojes-el-apocalipsis-y-la-hora-de-lo-pequeno/

2. Kagemusha: April is also tomorrow– Subcomandante Galeano talks about the papers that the late Sup Marcos left him regarding Cuba and Fidel. This is the EZLN’s tribute to Comandante Fidel. A very good read!

En español: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2017/04/12/kagemusha-abril-tambien-es-manana/

3. The capitalist world is a walled plantation– Sup Moisés compares nations to fincas (plantations), with capitalism (the World Bank) as the owner that really controls them. He also describes in painful detail the cruel exploitation of the Indigenous peoples on those plantations, a few of which still existed in Chiapas at the time of the 1994 Zapatista Uprising.

En español: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2017/04/12/palabras-del-subcomandante-insurgente-moises-miercoles-12-de-abril-de-2017/


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