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Repression and Militarization

!. The Offensive of above, versus the Movement below– The National Indigenous Congress (CNI) denounces the escalation of repression against its member communities, tribes, nations and barrios. It gives a number of examples, including some from Chiapas. Two of the articles below report increasing militarization in and near Chiapas.

En español:

2.The Southern Command will support vigilance on the Mexico-Guatemala Border– The US Southern Command will join the Guatemalan Army in displacing indigenous peoples from the Guatemalan side of the Lacandón Jungle, right across the river from the Lacandón Jungle of Chiapas, Mexico, near Zapatista Territory! The pretext is “securing the border” and catching drug traffickers! The reality is they are forcing indigenous communities out of the Jungle using the same “environmental” excuse they used in Chiapas not so long ago.

En español:

3. Construction of new military base in Chiapas advances rapidly – The Mexican Army is constructing a huge new military base in Chicomuselo,Chiapas near Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala. Mexico says it is for “securing the border.”

En español:

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