Solidarity and Analysis


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Solidarity and Analysis

!. Letter from Kurdish Women to Marichuy– In a letter of solidarity, Kurdish women send revolutionary greetings and deep respect to their sister, María de Jesús Patricio Martínez (Marichuy), spokeswoman for the National Indigenous Congress (CNI).

En español:

2. The Racist Contempt of the Wise– Sergio Rodríguez Lascano analyzes the various racist criticisms that some “intellectuals” use against the Zapatistas.

En español:

3. The colonial State and Revolution – Raúl Zibechi reasons that political dominance in Latin America not only relates to class, but also race, because the dominant political class is a white minority dominating and repressing Indian, Black and Mestizo majorities.

En español:

4. Seven reasons to support the CNI-EZLN proposal– López y Rivas gives seven simple and straightforward reasons to support the Indigenous Government Council and its spokeswoman. This is an important read and something to think about!

En español:


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