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Zapatista News & Analysis

Below are 3 opinion articles that explore the social and political changes in our society. Enjoy!

!. The end of democratic societies in Latin America – Raúl Zibechi reflects on what he considers the erosion of the cultural and political bases of democracies, faced with the brutal social polarization that is being experienced and asks why a new right has emerged so reactionary that it has torn apart the social fabric from the United States to South America. He says the cause is the extractive model and the Fourth World War. A good read!

En español: 2017/10/13/opinion/021a1pol

2. Revolt and Confrontation– Gustavo Esteva expands upon the question of fascism raised by Zibechi, defines the “us” and the “them,” and has some thoughts on the concept of dignity.

En español:2017/10/23/opinion/020a1pol

3. From the end of the cycle to the consolidation of the right – Zibechi goes into more detail as to how changed in economic production contribute to changes in political alliances. He emphasizes that social movements of the left must adapt to the changes in the social subjects of their organizing.

En español: 2017/10/27/opinion/016a1pol

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