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Update on the territorial dispute that has left thousands of indigenous people displaced in the Highlands of Chiapas: On December 1, award-winning La Jornada journalist Blanche Petrich reported on the dire conditions facing those displaced from their homes and the possible influence of drug trafficking in the Chiapas municipality of Chenalhó. On December 3, veteran La Jornada journalist Hermann Bellinghausen also sounded the alarm regarding the conditions of those displaced and the shocking inability of the government to stop the violence, control the paramilitaries or resolve the dispute. On December 11, Petrich published another article reporting that 4 children and 2 adult displaced persons had died of cold and hunger. An agrarian Court ruled in favor of Chenalhó, leaving thousands homeless as the number of dead rose to 11. Links to those articles on our blog are below, as well as links to an article on the 20th Anniversary of the Acteal Massacre and Marichuy’s visit to University City in Mexico. You can follow news about the Zapatistas, Chiapas and Marichuy on our Compañero Manuel blog and our Facebook page.

1. Agrarian Court rules in favor of Chenalhó in Chiapas territorial conflict– An Agrarian Court in Chiapas ruled in favor of Chenalhó municipality, leaving those displaced in Chalchihuitán unable to return to their homes. In a different article, Chalchihuitán said it will appeal the ruling.

En español: 514977/tribunal-unitario-agrario-falla-favor-de-chenalho-en-conflicto-territorial-en-chiapas

2. Paramilitaries continue shooting at us, the displaced lament– This article sums up the current status of those still displaced. The fact that 2 veteran La Jornada journalists, Blanche Petrich and Hermann Bellinghausen, as well as Proceso’s Isaín Mandujano have written several articles regarding this conflict is illustrative of the high degree of concern over the re-activation of paramilitaries in this region.

En español: 2017/12/24/paramilitaries-continue-shooting-at-us-the-displaced-lament/

4. Marichuy in University City – An excellent summary by Adolfo Gilly of Marichuy’s visit to the UNAM in Mexico City. He summarizes the talk she gave about her program and the reasons for her candidacy.

En español: 2017/12/17/marichuy-in-university-city/

5. Las Abejas: The government “legalizes the war of extermination” – The communiqué that Las Abejas issued for the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Acteal Massacre criticized the recently-approved Homeland Security Law in Mexico. The law legalizes the Armed Forces doing local police work, which it has been doing for the last 11 years without legal authority, allegedly to fight the so-called “Drug War.”

En español: 2017/12/23/politica/002n1pol


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