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Zapatista News & Analysis

!. 3 Dead in Oxchuc, Chiapas violence – Armed with high-powered weapons, supporters of the mayor-in-exile attacked supporters of an Indigenous movement that wants to oust the political bosses and govern by tradition in an indigenous Chiapas municipality.

En español: 520205/miles-de-pobladores-exigen-justicia-para-indigenas-caidos-en-ataque-armado-en-oxchuc

2. EZLN: 24 years of dignity and ethical congruence– López y Rivas reminds us that when the EZLN rose up in arms on January 1, 1994, it spoke of a genocidal war. Now, he says, that war has worsened until making Mexico the 2nd deadliest country in the world, after only Syria. During all these years, the EZLN has been the incorruptible critical conscience vis a vis the State and society.

En español: 2018/01/12/opinion/017a2pol

3. The word of Marichuy – María de Jesús never speaks in her own name, but rather in the name of the peoples that elected her. “She doesn’t use the word I, but rather we.”

En español: 2018/01/23/opinion/017a2pol

4. The strategy of the 1% and ours– The preferred tactic of the 1% is electoral fraud. The 1% has has the power of money, legal and illegal weapons and the communications media.

En español: 2018/02/02/opinion/019a1pol

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