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Zapatista News & Analysis

!. Zapatista Captain calls on Women to “struggle together against the patriarchal capitalist system”– Captain Erika welcomed women to the Women’s Gathering in the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia and urged them to listen and speak to each other with respect as women in struggle that give each other dance, music, film, video, painting, poetry, theater, sculpture, fun, knowledge and thus nourish the struggles that we all have.

En español: 525450/capitana-zapatista-convoca-a-mujeres-a-luchar-juntas-contra-el-sistema-capitalista-patriarcal

2. María de Jesús Patricio and the CIG: What was achieved– R. Aída Hernández Castillo admits her frustration that Marichuy’s campaign wasn’t able to achieve enough signatures for her to appear on this year’s presidential ballot, but also recognizes the achievements of the politics of life over the politics of death. Worth a read!

En español: 2018/02/21/opinion/021a2pol

3. The Mayor of Oxchuc is removed and new municipal council elected – Following the armed attack on her opponents, the Chiapas Congress finally had enough of Oxchuc Mayor María Gloria Sánchez Gómez and removed her immunity from prosecution, removed her from office and swore in a new mayor and municipal council.

En español: 523066/desafueran-y-destituyen-alcaldesa-de-oxchuc-gobernara-consejo-municipal

4. Tillerson, Militarization and Oil II– In this second part of an opinion article about US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent Latin American tour, Carlos Fazio demonstrates how the US government’s national security strategy (reliance on fossil fuels) plays out in Latin America. The first part of the article is also posted on the blog. The articles take a deep look at US policy in Latin America, including regime change in Venezuela.

En español: 2018/02/26/politica/021a1pol


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