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1. Friday, March 30, 2018 – 7:30pm – CompArte: Ballad of the Zapatistas Art Show – Come meet and listen to Bay Area artists who have collaborated with the Zapatista community and an Update by the Chiapas Support Committee (CSC). For more info, see:

2. Saturday, March 31, 2018 -10 am to 1 pm – Waffles & Zapatismo – A class about the 1994 Zapatista Uprising, the 1994 Democratic Convention, Peace talks and the 1996 1st Intergalactic /Intercontinental Gathering. Class will be given by CSC members who attended the Democratic National Convention and the Intergalactic. Video clips, discussion. Omni Commons, 4800 Shattuck Ave., Oakland (Classes are in the basement hall) – 2018/03/21/join-us-for-waffles-zapatismo/

New Zapatista Comunicado

!. CNI & EZLN: “Call to the next step in the struggle”– The CNI, CIG, EZLN and The Time Has come for the Flourishing of the Peoples (the civil association that organized civilian support for Marichuy) reported on the number of signatures collected and the number of helpers that collected signatures. They also announced that they are each making their evaluations of the signature collecting stage, and that they want all of us who participated in that stage in some way to also make our evaluations and send them to the CNI (National Indigenous Congress).

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