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!. Zapatista Women’s Gathering Opening Words – A few of the opening words at the Women’s Gathering in Morelia: “We are all women. But we know that we are of different colors, sizes, languages, cultures, professions, schools of thought and forms of struggle. But we say that we are women and what’s more we are women in struggle. So we are different but we are the same.”

En español:

2. Zapatista Women’s Gathering Closing Words– The closing words of the revolutionary Zapatista women that sponsored an international women’s gathering to inspire and be inspired with women that struggle. A must read!

En español: 2018/04/02/zapatista-womens-gathering-closing-words/

3. Frayba denounces new forced displacement of 90 families in Chiapas-In March,paramilitary groups in the Highlands displaced a total of 235 families from their homes in the municipality of Aldama. These paramilitary groups are made up of the same paramilitaries that committed the Acteal Massacre and that the Supreme Court released from prison. They have re-grouped, added some new members and are armed. According to Frayba, there are also some Zapatista families in danger of displacement.

En español: 527678/el-frayba-denuncia-nuevo-desplazamiento-forzado-de-90-familias-en-chiapas

4. UN condemns deaths due to the attack on displaced Tsotsils in Chiapas Highlands– 3 indigenous civilians died in an armed paramilitary attack in the municipality of Aldama in the Chiapas Highlands. The Mexico Office for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said” “It is unacceptable that armed groups continue to operate outside the law.” And much more…

En español:

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